Precision Guided Rifle

Precision Guided Rifle

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Thread: Precision Guided Rifle

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    Precision Guided Rifle

    Fighter jet technology for your rifle?

    Interesting technology but it kind of takes the fun out of making the perfect shot. Also, it doesn't look like it tracks anything...meaning it won't follow a moving target.

    See the New ‘Intelligent’ Rifle That Claims to Give You a Perfect Shot Every Time | Video |
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    In the video, it looks like you still have to get the crosshairs on the target. It looks like this is just a fancy ballistic computer that attaches to your firearm.
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    I'd find all that digital data extremely annoying.
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    Unless I could "Paint" 12 different targets at once and then pull the trigger 12 times to annihalate them kinda shoot and forget technology I just wouldn't be interested
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    Similar to the ballistic computers used to aim the weapons on tanks and other fighting vehicles for decades now. At the prices they are going for, I can see military and maybe specialized police units using them. Not your average citizen or hunter...unless the price comes down.
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    On another forum someone said the price was going to be in the $15K-20K range. The other problem is how do you compensate for wind and/or moving targets. For $15,000 I can get unreal training and a lot of ammo and I wouldn't need the fancy scope. Also, what if your batteries go dead?

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