Installed this on my rifles earlier this week. Finally got a chance to get it to the range this weekend to first and most importantly, make sure the rifle still works and secondly, sight it in. Well, I was pleasantly surprised, I didn't have to.

I zero my stuff at 50 yards mostly. "Stuff" meaning my AR and AK. 50 yards seems like a good middle ground for me for defensive use. I know all the holds at various distances. Some may disagree but whatever. I like 50 yard zeros for non-magnified optics or iron sights.

Anyway, I turned my Aimpoint off to use the irons without the dot in the way... first two shots... great, the rifle is functioning. That's a good sign. Shot a third time and went and checked my target. I was happy to see this, without even touching the sight. And as I kept shooting, my group moved to the right without even touching the sight. So considering how big the AK front sight post is compared to the AR sight post (The VLTOR sight used an AK sight post), I'm happy, as the AK sight post covered the entire sheet of paper at 50 yards. Ammo used was Prvi m193.

Here are some better pictures. I've been wanting this sight for awhile but kept holding off telling myself I don't need it because it's so expensive. But it looks great how it fits nicely in the DD rail, is tough as anything (at least that's what VLTOR tells me), and while I didn't mind just using the lower 1/3 co-witness over top of my front fixed sight before, having the post out of the way is nice, but not completely necessary. Either way, I think it's a good addition to the rifle. And the adjustment tool fits neatly in the MOE grip, along with a spare battery.