Let me start with this: Not all M2 Tacticals are equal

I have an M2 Tactical with the PG (pistol grip) stock. I have an 870 tactical with the standard stock (synthetic, but no PG). I thought I liked the standard stock better and found an M2 Tactical standard stock at a local gun store. I figured to buy it and see which one I liked the best and then sell the other M2.

So I get to the gun store and pick up the M2. It is the Tactical model, but with a few surprises. One, it has these tiny, useless rifle sights. My M2 with the PG has big ol tall, protected sights with a ghost rear. Second, the receiver was not drilled and tapped

I did not buy it. Why Benelli would even offer such a thing is beyond me. So this morning I checked, actually re-checked the Benelli website. Here's the story:

The PG version does have the tapped receiver and the big, tall, protected ghost sights. The standard stock version has the tiny rifle sights. Believe me, this is not personal preference, these tiny sights are useless. It was all I could do to get my head low enough to even align the front and rear. And both the front and rear sights are bonded by some means, maybe welded to the barrel. And, they are so small they would be very difficult to pick up quickly.

There is a third version, the ComforTec stock version, and it has the 'standard' stock, i.e. no PG, the big sights, ghost rear, and a tapped receiver and it sells for $100 more. The caveat here is that my LGS couldn't find a listing for the ComforTec stock version???

Anyway, if you're ever in the market for a M2 Tactical, be aware of the differences.

Now that I've shot the PG versions more, I'm leaning toward the PG, mainly for one reason - it's significantly easier to hold the shotgun in a shooting position with one hand/arm with the PG.