Attention Lefty Southpaw Shooters

Attention Lefty Southpaw Shooters

This is a discussion on Attention Lefty Southpaw Shooters within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The ONLY Combat Assault Rifle built from the ground up for left handed shooters. Real nice quality rifles. Click Here To Visit Stag Arms...

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Thread: Attention Lefty Southpaw Shooters

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    Attention Lefty Southpaw Shooters

    The ONLY Combat Assault Rifle built from the ground up for left handed shooters. Real nice quality rifles.

    Click Here To Visit Stag Arms

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    I'm not a southpaw but I've been reading alot of good news about the Stag line. I like that they manufacture all/most parts in shop and don't just assemble them. And that makes their prices more appealing. When I get an AR I will probably go with some model from Stag Arms. Unless I find another brand like RRA, Bushy, Armalite, or Colt in the same price range.

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    I am a lefty. I just recently purchased a Bushmaster AR and I love it. All of my guns are (right-handed) if you will. I just have learned to adapt to it I guess. BTW that is a nice rifle though.
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    I've read a lot of good stuff about stag arms ..

    Might get me one eventually

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    Me too. Been considering a upper (atleast) , but may just buy another whole rifle.
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    I'm lefty and will be buying a Stag very shortly. I used my friends right handed ar in a rifle stage, and had shells bouncing off of the barrel next to me and at me. This because the stage was set up for mostly right handers and left handers have to adjust.
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    Lefty here

    I bought a lefty Stag about 6 months ago. I love it. Well built and it's great to see my friends have to deal with the wrong side brass that I've been dealing with for years!


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    Most weapons are adaptable to lefties. ARs are still pretty friendly to lefties without making a left-handed version.

    Lefties just adapt pretty easily as well. Here are some examples of what I do:

    AR15- added ambi-safety, use weak hand for dropping magazine release, left hand for bolt release. Since ejection port is on right, it is easier to see when bolt locks open & inspect chamber without turning the gun upside down like a rightie...

    Semi auto hand guns- operate mag release with trigger finger(this actually works better than using thumb, since there is no need to rotate gun in your hand to reach release with thumb), operate slide lock with trigger finger. On 1911s added ambi-safety.

    SA revolvers- these were designed by Sam Colt (who was left-handed), that's why loading gate in on the right. No need to do anything it's leftie already!

    DA revolvers- unless it is a top break, lefties are screwed.....cumbersome reload can't be avoided. My solution is to shoot them right-handed.

    Bolt-action rifles- I own one left-handed rifle the others are ALL right handed. I just operate the right handed ones with my right hand,supporting the rifle with either my left hand or a support.

    Shotguns (pump or auto)- operate them left handed, loading & unloading is easier since ejection port is on right side, again no weird contortions to inspect chamber.

    Your mileage may vary....but these work well for me without going to the expense of a left-handed versions, that in my family would only work for me. Since my wife is right-handed & she shoots, I want her to be happy too.....

    (If I had an unlimited budget, I would probably buy a left-handed AR, so don't think I'm trying to poo poo your desire......)
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    Thinking about getting a lefty upper w/ 16" barrel and iron sights from them.

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