Sig556 Problems

Sig556 Problems

This is a discussion on Sig556 Problems within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've seen a lot of talk about jamming problems with the SIG556 and was wondering if anyone had any information on this problem. The threads ...

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Thread: Sig556 Problems

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    Sig556 Problems

    I've seen a lot of talk about jamming problems with the SIG556 and was wondering if anyone had any information on this problem. The threads I've seen on other sites seem to offer no insight into a manufacturing issue but rather focus on type of ammo, mag, or lubrication as the source of the problems. This causes me concern. One of the main selling features of the AK platform (in my mind) is it's reputation for rock solid reliability. I'd hate to pay a premium for a AK rifle that I have to worry about running it wet or what I fed it. Any insight you could share would be appreciated.
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    I'm not an expert but and don't own a piston AR yet,but I have read about a condition called "Carrier Tilt" where the force of the Piston rod causes the carrier to tilt up slightly,and may cause issues,
    There are already solutions to carrier tilt (despite the fact that some systems are more prone to this problem than others):

    Get one of the Slash or FRS anti-tilt buffers, coupled with the PWS anti-tilt buffer tube if you want to go overboard about it. No carrier bounce. No carrier tilt. No buffer wear or scraping of the upper receiver.

    Even if you experience carrier tilt / scrapings, the problem seems to only go to a certain point and then it won't wear anymore. Just get the anti-tilt buffers already!
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    The piston version of the AR is a "modification" to an already functioning system that was not designed to be piston (that particular piston) driven.

    If you want a piston gun, buy one designed to be a piston gun, not one that was tweaked to run that way. More parts = more opportunity for failure. If they came out with a single piece BCG with the piston rod, then maybe they would have less issues.

    Well built AR's that are DI operated, run fine even dirty if you keep the BCG lubed. They will run clean and dry, they will run wet and dirty, but they will not run dry and dirty.

    I have 2 ARs that I have run dirty through 3 - 1200 round classes, error free (barring a bad batch of my home cooking at the last class) and all I did is give the BCG a couple of squirts of Gunzilla at the beginning of the day. The other 3500 rounds fired are also error free for the same reason. The BCG is wet.

    Even shooting rollover prone/secondary kneeling with the ejection port 2" off the ground (lot o' dirt got in there) still ran fine.

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