AR15 .22 conversion kit or new .22 upper?

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Thread: AR15 .22 conversion kit or new .22 upper?

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    AR15 .22 conversion kit or new .22 upper?

    I have an AR15 with a CMMG .22 conversion kit. I tried it and well, uh, er, it failed miserably, failing to feed every other round.

    The unit is going back to CMMG for warranty work, but I am rethinking my choice. Would it be better to just purchase a whole .22 upper instead of the conversion kit? One of the disadvantages of that is my AR15 is all decked out with an Eotech red dot, Magpul iron sites, and a Daniel Defensive Omega rail. I would not have that on a new .22 upper. On the other hand, if the conversion kit does not work, what good is it?

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    Hopefully your kit will come back working OK. I have a CMMG stainless kit for my AR and it performs pretty much flawlessly. It has already paid for itself as I have several hundred rounds thru it. Good luck with yours.

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    Did you try different ammo,and run it wet,lube the rails the bolt slides on well,I have no problem running federal bulk,but Remington doesn't feed reliably,and we shoot the federal with a full auto ciener 22 M16 conversion kit that we can shoot short bursts or do mag dumps in about 2 seconds with.
    (The M16 conversion has to be used in a full auto gun,it won't turn an Ar15 into FA with just the kit)
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    I ran a CMMG for a while, it worked OK but it is a compromise. I would go dedicated upper, it will have the proper twist rate and should be more accurate, plus less operating glitches.
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    Dedicated .22 upper hands down, no question. As stated earlier, you'll have the correct barrel and twist.
    In my experience, the conversion kits I have owned and tried were somewhat reliable, but horribly inaccurate.

    I built a dedicated SBR .22 rifle and it's a blast to shoot. Everyone loves shooting it at the range. =)

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