Making a major,drastic change in rifles for SD, and shtf.

This is a discussion on Making a major,drastic change in rifles for SD, and shtf. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've got a pair of ARs which will never be used for hunting - strictly fun and defense guns. At a desert shoot a while ...

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Thread: Making a major,drastic change in rifles for SD, and shtf.

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    I've got a pair of ARs which will never be used for hunting - strictly fun and defense guns. At a desert shoot a while back, a friend with a DS Arms FAL and I traded guns for a few mags. We were both shooting at a cardboard box... it moved when the 5.56 hit it, but it jumped when the 7.62 hit it.

    I admire glockman both for his respect for game animals and for his level of commitment to his beliefs - dumping the AR completely in favor of the M1A1. That's putting your money where your mouth is! I've had one of those on the wish list for a long time, but at least I've got the Garand to satisfy the .30 cal battle rifle "jones" for now! Plus a re-stocked SKS for lower-cost fun.
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    Thanks for sharing that. I have always tried to decide between the Ruger Mini 14 and the Mini 30. I am guessing the Mini 30 with its 7.62x39 round would be much better than the 5.56 round. What do you all think ??? How is pricing for the 7.62x39 rounds compated to the 5.56 ?? Thanks for any info. God Bless and Merry Christmas !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    For a long time I have been thinking about this. I carried the M16A2 for years, and saw the effects of the 20 inch barrel on "soft targets" here and there. To tell you the truth, I was never too impressed with the 5.56 and its effectiveness on anything.

    But, I suppose since they are popular, and I was trained and familiar with every aspect of the weapons system. I lived with it, and kind of blindly followed the market like cattle do a tractor loaded with hay.

    But the last straw was a couple of weeks ago. I attended by invitation a culling hunt at a local game farm. There were a few guys there using the AR rifles, and watching the results of the shooting made me sick to my stomach, but it was for me a valuable lesson.

    I am happy to say, that I have no more puny 5.56/223 rifles. What is replacing them?

    2 Springfield M1A National Match models with black and OD synthetic stocks, with a supply of 20 round mags, and 500 rounds apiece of ammo.

    The rifles are currently on order, and should be in next week.

    Yes, I am paying big time, and I have also had to trade a few guns I really wanted to keep, but it saved me alot of cash.

    But Ill tell you what; I feel like this is the most sensible upgrade I have made in a long time.

    I figure if I need a rifle, I REALLY NEED a rifle, not some puny high speed 22 round. And if its a close threat, I want a big bullet. So, I am super sizing everything, 30 cal rifles, and 45 pistols. When you have to hit someone, hit them hard the first time.
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    Glockman10mm; this has been a fun thread with some good discussion.

    And a truth hit me between the eyes after considering your thoughts.

    I don't really like pistol-grip stocks either. Never was conscious of it before but hadn't put any thought into it.

    I do really like the full-sized M1A. For that matter I really like the grand ol' M1. A fellow just can't beat a high-powered .30 rifle.
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