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This is a discussion on Eotech optics within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by BkCo1 I find 200 yards is max. 100 yards is a piece of cake. x2 I use a flip-to-the-side 3x magnifier beyond ...

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Thread: Eotech optics

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    Quote Originally Posted by BkCo1 View Post
    I find 200 yards is max. 100 yards is a piece of cake.

    I use a flip-to-the-side 3x magnifier beyond 100yards. EOTech 512.

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    I have an EOTech 517 red dot (uses AA batteries) with an EOTech G33 "push to the side" (3.5 mag) behind it. Love the setup. The controls for the 517 are on the side & the G33 doesn't need tools to adjust.

    They're expensive, but well worth it.
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    I like my EOT 512; that 65 MOA circle is a big help to making fast hits at close range. Ringing the 18" plate at 200 yards is pretty easy, the 24" plate at 300 yards is a little more challenging due more to the trigger than the optic. The greatest limitation is the ability of your unmagnified eyesight to resolve the target at any given range.
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    Inner reticle is 1MOA, but the outer rings go to 60 or more. Just depends on what you want.
    To me, anything more than just a simple red dot is overkill unless you're wanting drop dots for ranging further distances. Then, at that point, you might as well be using a SOCOM scope with magnification.
    I personally prefer AimPoint over EOTech, and specifically the AimPoint PRO. For that price, you get an excellent setup that has a mount built into it. The glass is superb (as is EOTech's), but is a bit more rugged.
    One plus that I'll throw in for EOTech is the ability to co-witness MUCH easier than with any AimPoint. With the huge amount of vision through and EOTech, you really get a good field of view. I just don't like the fact that with more glass, is more chance of breakage.
    As for magnification, you can't go wrong with a 3x magnifier on a LaRue flip mount. That way, you can go from distance to CQB (if that need ever arose), easily. Plus, it's LaRue, and that guy builds amazing stuff.
    Altogether, expect to lay down over $1,000 for optic, mount, riser and mag. With an AimPoint PRO, you can get it down to about $750 as some places run deals where you get the PRO and an AimPoint 3x for $600. Then, just get the LaRue mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stolivar View Post
    WOW is all I can say. You have never shot one have you. It is only a 1 inch dot at 100 yards. I have no problems with it out to 200 yards for deer. never tried it a 300.
    I have. I only mentioned it because I was unaware they were all 1 MOA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SATCHMO1960 View Post
    OPFOR...Which EOTECh are you using if I may ask ??
    A 552. But all of the "normal" models use the same reticle and are therefore the same as far as "effective range" goes.

    I guess these different opinions come from different expectations... If you are trying to shoot bullseye at 600m, the EOTech (even with magnifier) isn't the best choice. However, if you only need "minute of bad guy" accuracy, the EOTech is good for 300m and more, no question about it.
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    Thanks for all the replies That lets me know now what to expect and also what to look at..appreciate it
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