are AR 15's still available?

This is a discussion on are AR 15's still available? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; with the possibility of bans coming on AR 15 platform rifles,i've not been able to find one anywhere.tried Gander Mountain,Dicks,local gun shops,online nothing found..are they ...

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Thread: are AR 15's still available?

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    are AR 15's still available?

    with the possibility of bans coming on AR 15 platform rifles,i've not been able to find one anywhere.tried Gander Mountain,Dicks,local gun shops,online nothing found..are they still out there?

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    Re: are AR 15's still available?

    I saw a few in my home town of traverse city Michigan yesterday at gander mountain.

    Sent using my phone.
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    You're about a week late to this party. Inventory at all of my usual shops is completely gone with regards to semi auto rifles and handguns, and what does trickle in each day is quickly bought up. Perhaps try buying direct from a manufacturer and have it shipped to your LGS for the paperwork. It will still take a while, but the rifle won't be going through the distributor system.

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    I'm gettin one of these Revolvers

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    Your best bet is to find one for sale from an individual that has a serious disconnect from society.

    There are plenty of those people out there.

    I still see them for sale at last months prices being sold on some of the local gunboards on Facebook. They last about a minute.
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    Sure, just depends what you are willing to pay. Pretty slim to none for online and local retailers.

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    For the most part, the current inventory in stores is sold out. My suggestion is figure out which one you want, and get your local gun store to notify you when it comes in. Most good LGS's will put you on a list, and call you when it arrives. S&W makes a no frills M4 carbine, without the flash suppressor, forward assist, and dust cover, for under 600.00. You can then customize it with lights, optics, your leisure.
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    I went into our local shop that usually has 40+ in stock is sold out. They had pmags for only $25 (still almost double than I had seen a few weeks before, but far more reasonable than other places I've seen.)

    I'll be selling mine private party. Cash only, no bill of sale, and you're likely to have "just missed out". :)

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    If you can find them they are. A guy i work with told me yesterday that he is going fo sell off all his ar stuff now that prices have sky rocketed. Then when the market calms down re buy and probably make one hell of a profit.

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    I heard through the Grapevine that Wal-Mart is continuing it's sale of BushMasters. Unfortunately, do to the Mayan Calendar Scare and Weapon Ban Legislation, Wal-Mart like many stores are all sold out.

    Believe me, Wal-mart and other stores that carry Semi-Auto Rifles are going to restock their selves as soon as they can. The are in the business to make money and will continue to sell until otherwise.
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    Just had this same conversation with a friend. His comment was that he could most likely find a half dozen
    on the street in fifteen minutes if you had the $.

    At the Greenville SC Gun Show two weeks ago AR15's were plentiful and I didn't notice too many going out
    the door at that time. Very pricey.

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    Yep, funny thing, I'm a little late to the party too!

    I've been toying with the idea of trading in my Rock River .223 AR-15 for a Stag 3L (left-handed) for about a year. Yesterday I decided maybe I should do something about it so, I went to my local AR dealer and getting a great trade in ($860.00 bare bones) for mine. He went on the website and ordered it yesterday.

    I fully disclosed I wasn't going to wait months and said if he couldn't get in in thirty days, I wouldn't guarantee I'd commit to the trade and he was fine with that. So...

    Out of curiosity I went to the Stag Arms website when I got home and "surprise". They're closed until 1/2/2013 for the holidays and in a shade of red you can't mistake for news you don't want to hear...

    Basically they will be working 24/7 after the holidays to catch up with orders and expect at least several months for your order.
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    If you can wait out the dooms day scenario about 2 or 3 years, you'll find a bunch available then.

    Just like the first AW ban, after 2-3 years, they were all over the market again and much better pricing.
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    Here every option for AR from low end to high end is sold out. No one is saying when they will have more on hand. The same goes for AK and SKS models.
    Also not one rifle Mag over a .22 on the rack. While it is not the end of the world yet the time is coming. Holiday shut downs and reduced production Obama all coming at once have caused shortages , that will bounce back . Who knows for how long and at what price.
    If you listen to the media the same few people are buying all of the guns and mags so soon they will run out of money.
    If you want one maybe you should keep an eye out for it. But then why worry about it Obama and Holder are not interested in taking any guns away.

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    I've noticed private sells of guns that were $800 are now going for $1600. Good luck finding mags and ammo too.

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