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Look at my new AR/recommend an optic for me

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Thread: Look at my new AR/recommend an optic for me

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    Everything I read is that Aimpoint is the "best" and better than Eotech. I wish I could tell you. I've had an Aimpoint PRO for over 2 months and it's been in VA & Sweden most of that time. Perhaps I got a rare defective unit. Regardless, the customer service is sub par for me.
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    Aimpoint Pro with a 3x mag behind it. If left on, the battery is good for three years. Plus, NV settings.

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    I really like the Aimpoint CompM4 so much that I am buying another one. It is out of your price range though unless you can locate a used one.
    That battery life of 8 years constant ON w/ a single AA Battery is tough to beat.

    I have an EOTech also and both have their uses. I also really like the EOTech and folks should know that they have worked a few bugs out of the newer models.

    ALSO: IF any members are shopping for any AIMPOINT - Warning!!! ONLY Buy from a trusted source AKA a reputable dealer. There are MANY AimPoint Counterfeits out there..and many folks have been tricked into thinking that they have purchased an authentic AimPoint and got stuck with a fake and NONE of the fakes can hold a candle to the real thing. Not even CLOSE.

    You can go to the AimPoint website and (I think) there is a section there on how to spot a fake. But, it may not be up to date and the fakes keep getting better.

    If you Google search: How To Spot A Fake Aimpoint...AR15.com has a thread with 11 pages of PICS and Info that will help you determine if your AimPoint purchase is the real thing or not.
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    There are fake EOTech's as well. Be an informed buyer, especially used, online or at a gunshow. Another ,lower cost alternatives may be Bushnell TRS 25 or a red dot from Primary Arms. Both run about $79-$100 dollars and seem to be good value for the cost.
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    I'm currently running a Burris XTR 1x-4x-24mm on an LT 104 mount on top of my LWRCi M6A2 5.56 Nato.

    There are better optics in this same range but I'm not about to put $3,000 worth of glass on top of a rifle that get's shot about 8 times a year.

    Would I take this optic down range ? I don't know, yet. Target acquisition on the 1x setting is a true parallax free setting with an illuminated reticle, at least the center dot, not so much the incremented cross hairs. This is one of Burris's better optics but is limited in it's application during low light and dark conditions. Plus it's not NV compatable. For what I want, it doesn't necessarily have to be.

    With the Burris XTR being calibrated to the M855 62 grain it's truely accurate, once zeroed properly, by just simply using hold overs and windage adjustments. Each of the incremented markings on the windage hair are equal to 1 Mill and simple to hold side over for strong full value winds.

    I like it, but it does have it's limitations, which are few.
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