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Thread: Utility Shotguns

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    Utility Shotguns

    Which one would make a better platform for a utility shotgun, A Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870? I want to use it for everything. Home Defense, Turkey Hunting, Deer Hunting, and general SHTF.
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    Whichever one you prefer the control locations on.

    You might need a couple barrels to do all that.
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    Flip a coin. They both work. Whichever one fits you the best.

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    Utility Shotguns


    Saiga 12 if you can find one.

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    Personal preference. I have the Mossberg since I don't like the Remington cross bolt safety.

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    Had an 870. The safety was always a problem for me (I'm a lefty). I like the Mossberg safety much better.
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    I have the Remington, but it's like saying "Should I get a Camary or an Accord?" Except they aren't Japanese. Or cars.
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    I'm happy with the Mossberg for all purpose utility but many I know are loyal to their 870's too. This is like asking if you should buy a Ford or Chevy truck.
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    1. The Remington® 870 has a one year warranty; the Mossberg® 500 has a 10 year warranty.
    2. Remington® 870 comes with one choke tube (MOD); the Mossberg® 500 comes with three choke (IMP, MOD, & FULL) tubes.
    3. Only Remington® Chokes work in Remington® guns.
    4. Mossberg® shotguns accept the following (within gauge) chokes.....
    • Mossberg® Accu Choke™
    • Browning® Invector™ (not Invector™ Plus)
    • H&R/NEF®
    • Ithaca®
    • Savage®
    • SKB
    • Valmet®
    • Weatherby®
    • Winchester® Winchoke™
    5. The Mossberg® 500 has an ambidextrous top tang safety, the Remington® 870 does not.
    6. The Mossberg® 500 comes with sling & swivels; the Remington® 870 does not.
    7. The Mossberg® costs $40-$60 less than the Remington® 870.


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    What about the Mossberg 930 special purpose? Comes with two barrels, an 18.5 and a 28 field barrel. Sounds like the best if b&h worlds.

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    I have three Mossberg 500s and love them. The biggest reason I prefer them over the 870 is because of the safety location.
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    The mossberg is also lighter due to an aluminum receiver which is great for all day carry in the woods. Plus the shell elevator stays up and out of the way for easier and quicker reloads.

    But then again the rem 870 is a good shotgun and the choice is up to you.

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    I own BOTH....You won't go wrong with either one.

    If you're left-handed, the 870 safety is reversible. I'm left-handed & have mine reversed. The 870 is easier to put on an extended magazine tube to increase round count.

    The tang safety of the Mossberg will be an issue if you go 'tactical' & put a pistol grip stock on it. If you do, you can't reach the safety....so with the Mossie you have stay with conventional stock.
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    Funny this comes up today. I was just in the LGS, I wanted to see what he had left on the shelf, and ended up walking out with a Mossberg 500. Held a Remington and another Mossberg that was set up for 12g slug before I settled on the 500 12g with the ribbed barrel. Figured it would work for just about anything.

    So .... I walked out of the LGS with a new (to me) shotgun about two hours ago.
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