Ok had savage rifles but never a savage shotgun. I found an older 12 ga pump Savage with what i guess you would call a twistamatic choke. Goes from full choke, improved cylinder, to modified just by twisting a gadget on the end of the barrel. No wrenches choke tubes nothing just twist the knob.
May be well known to you guys id never seen one before. I can get it for probably 90 bucks. It looks sorta rough, no rust just can tell its been used a lot, worn stock finish etc but action and workings are tight and slick. I want the thing for HD primarily because its short. And cheap
My question is if any of you know about this type of choke can it just be removed entirely and used open bore??? Itll be in my house loaded with 00 buck for HD and thats it. Thanks for any info on this thing.