Just say "Huh?"

Just say "Huh?"

This is a discussion on Just say "Huh?" within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I just read a post that said prior to 1989, the term "assault rifle" just did not exist. I think that if we had fought ...

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Thread: Just say "Huh?"

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    Just say "Huh?"

    I just read a post that said prior to 1989, the term "assault rifle" just did not exist. I think that if we had fought back then, we may have been able to stop that term. Maybe not.

    In any case, from now on, whenever someone says the term "assault rifle" to me, I am just going to say, "huh? There is no such thing? What are you referring to?" and just give them a blank stare as if they are an idiot. Wait? What do I mean "as if"?
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    I agree that it might have been possible to stop the term "assault weapons" back then if the 2nd amendment advocate organizations would have refuted the label.
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    Well as I just posted in the survery thread, I've taken to correcting people when they use the term assualt rifle around me. After they explain what they mean I say: "Oh a patriot rifle". Mainly it is my way of refusing to accept their jargon from the onset but it also creates an opening to discuss the topic of why we really have a second amendment in the first place. Of course since I don't believe I'm able to enlighten morons, the opening, if it indeed existed simply goes to waste.
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    noun \ə-ˈsȯlt\
    Definition of ASSAULT
    a : a violent physical or verbal attack
    b : a military attack usually involving direct combat with enemy forces
    c : a concerted effort (as to reach a goal or defeat an adversary)
    a : a threat or attempt to inflict offensive physical contact or bodily harm on a person (as by lifting a fist in a threatening manner) that puts the person in immediate danger of or in apprehension of such harm or contact — compare battery 1b

    Yup, I don't see anything in there about ergonomics, customizable, utilitarian, form or function. Don't see anything referencing "Looks scary"

    ....RE: The birth of the term. Even when the rabid gun haters were first working on it, when being questioned by the committee, they could not, with all their education, and legal skills, articulate or identify the various "features" that they felt made an object an "assault" weapon.

    The new catch phrase (at least new to me) is "Keep these weapons out of the hands of civilians and on the battlefield" (which according to some tin hat wearers is entirely too possible, and has overtones of prophecy). Sorry, but I don't know of any military in the world that is using the civilian version of the AK or AR as an issued weapon, especially ours [military].

    Now my education is limited, and am by no means a military historian, but I am reasonably certain that once the issuance of the sub machine gun to all foot troops, we never looked back. So, yes I suppose that technically we do have some military issued arms (circa WWII & Korea) and modern side arms that are available to the general population, but I don't see the military dropping the full auto or burst FCG from the line up - those are expensive to obtain, and require extensive background checks and licensing. But we all know that. Regrettably the grass eaters are convinced that Joe Public can run down to WallyWorld or their local gun distributor and pick up a full auto death stick for $500, no forms to fill out or questions asked.

    Grasseater // Grass~eat~er noun, often attributive \ˈgras-ē-tər\
    A person who is incapable of independent thought; a person who is herd animal-like in behavior; one who cannot distinguish between right and wrong; a foolish person.
    See also Sheep

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    You heard correctly. "Assault rifle" was chosen for its emotional impact, sort of like "anti-government zealot." I'm surprised they didn't actually go with something like "mass murder rifle" or whatnot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExactlyMyPoint View Post
    I just read a post that said prior to 1989, the term "assault rifle" just did not exist. I think that if we had fought back then, we may have been able to stop that term. Maybe not...
    It's a loose translation of the German "Sturmgewehr", and has been in use since the 1940's. It just didn't get politicized & "legally" defined until the 80's.

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    Well, I just read that the gun control crowd wants to change their name to "gun safety". It is all about marketing and perception for this crowd, not substance.

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    When ever someone says "assault rifle" i ask whats a assult rifle? Then give them some eduction on the subject.
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    Call it anything you want, but it's still just a semi-automatic rifle.
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    The term has been around since 1944 and it is used to describe a select fire, magazine fed rifle chambered for an intermediate cartridge. The Germans coined the term with their Sturmgewehr 44 rifle. Sturmgewehr literally translates to Storm Rifle. The word storm in this usage is synonymous with assault. Ex: "Go storm that bunker".

    So in 1944 the term was born and it then became the name for the whole class of firearms designed to fill the same role.

    It's the same with the British battleship HMS Dreadnought. The HMS Dreadnought was so revolutionary that it made every other battleship in the world obsolete. Every battleship built after it was built on the same principle and was called a dreadnought.

    The first German "assault rifle" was such a game changer that it's name stuck around even after it was gone.
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    yeah but with that black paint and that adjustable stock and that deadly pistol grip, and yes, some have even put a sling thingy on the gun. Then they have those microscopes on them to see better and sometimes even a flashlight. And don't forget that deadly barrel schroud and that other thingy on the end of the barrel, all these things are for killing and shooting down airplanes. And the worst thing is that huge bullet that is the most deadly bullet in the world for killing up to two miles away. c'mon, these are slaughter machines.
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