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This is a discussion on Lever-Gun Questions within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Not real odd why lots of people are looking at them. I'm pretty much sitting on my AR ammo so I want to look for ...

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Thread: Lever-Gun Questions

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    Not real odd why lots of people are looking at them. I'm pretty much sitting on my AR ammo so I want to look for something that I can shoot and still have available stock. For me thats 357, with multiple 357 handguns a lever in 357 is pretty simple. But yep they are not cheap. Course a keltec in 9mm wouldn't be bad either.

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    Well considering Ill be resupplying my sd handgun back up and rife in the next several months and after thinking hard on the possibilities 357 seems like the way to go all the way around. same ammo for all three.

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    Jumped on this train two weeks ago. Here is my marlin 30-30, bought it used with a scope and sling. Haven't got to take it out yet, even 30-30 ammo is absent around here.Lever-Gun Questions-30-30-1.jpgLever-Gun Questions-30-30-2.jpg
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    I'm in the middle of a purchase for a Marlin 30/30 n-336 made in 1982. It has a straight stock and I think I am going to like it.

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    Be wary of the impulse to "standardize on one caliber." If you cannot find ammo in that caliber, you're stuck. Personally, I like having guns in multiple calibers, so the odds are I can always find ammo to feed something I have.

    IMHO, if you are going to buy a rifle, get one in a true rifle caliber. In this case, .30-30 gets my vote. As impressive as the .357 Mag is out of a rifle barrel, the .30-30 is "mo bettah."
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    I agree with 10thmtn on the problem with "standardized" ammo. And I don't know of any "all-purpose" caliber created yet. Handgun calibers, even in a rifle, don't fufill the capabilities of a .30-06, and the -06 doesn't work so well in a handgun. While the .357 or .44 mags will work in the "crossover" zone, they still remain limited in power and range. Handy and convenient, yes. Magic answer and "do-it-all", no.

    I enjoy shooting many calibers, and it has yet to cause any issues having more than one caliber on hand. The .357/44 lever actions make a fine "addition to," but not a "replacement for" having other calibers on hand.
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    Great advice all around..THANKS! Have a another question about the Marlins....what time frame are we talkin about when "quality issues" come into play? I would assume(hate to..but)that Remington ironed out the issues with the Marlin lever guns by now..just not real "up" on this.

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    I would recommend a Weaver or Williams peep site, nearly as good as a scope but without the bulk or frailness.

    Quote Originally Posted by old grunt View Post
    Have a Winchester 9422(1977-78 vintage) but thinking of a center-fire rifle of this type. It will be a something to go in my car trunk or behind the seat of my pick-up. Consider it the civilian equivalent of a "patrol rifle"(at least the non-AR type).

    * 30-30 or a pistol round? (handgun-wise my main EDC is either a 9mm or 45 ACP)
    * Marlin,Winchester or Mossberg?
    * New or used? Don't want to spend a fortune, but new levers are NOT crazy like AR's(even before the recent craziness)
    * Any particular advice on iron-sights...stock or after-market?
    * Must have accessories?

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