I'll be doing a review on the Weatherby 459 TR shotgun, and decided to post this as a preface.

What first drew my attention to this gun was the digital camo pattern. I'm a little tired of black, so this one caught my eye. So I asked to look at it and noticed immediately how light it felt. So off I go to do some research on the 459 TR.

Turns out there's a pump version and a semi version. The one I looked at was a pump. Looking at pics and reviews via the internet, I saw another thing I liked about the 459TR - a very convenient rail on the muzzle end of the forend - just right for a small light such as a TLR-1/2 or X300.

So back to the store I go for another look; I couldn't resist it - I liked everything about it - the action actually felt smoother than my Benelli Supernova Tactical. Well, I must have been tired that day or was seeing what I wanted to see, in any event, when I got home with it, I got my X300 to mount on it and guess what? No rail??? How could I have missed that! So I give Weatherby a call to see why all the pics show the rail and all the guns that are actually for sale don't have this feature.

Like Benelli, the Weatherby 459 shotgun is imported, hence it has to meet BATFE requirements for importation. Well guess what? Our dear old BATFE would not allow the rail because they said it made it look too much like a LE gun. STUPID I reckon!

But, all is not lost, Weatherby now sells a rail that attaches to the mag tube cap, so I ordered one. It just really gripes me that the BATFE has nothing better to do than to decide that a gun looks too much like a LE gun.

I have about 100 rounds through it now and I really like it, but more about that when I can get the review finished.