Les See Dem AR's

Les See Dem AR's

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Thread: Les See Dem AR's

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    Les See Dem AR's

    OK, I showed off mine. How about some of you other AR owners show off yours as well. I know you're all proud of them, because let's face it, they are absolutely great guns.
    So, post up some pics and vids of your AR's, wheather they are loaded down like mine, or stripped clean, lean and mean.
    Donnie D
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    I think that's what this sticky thread is for - *Official DC AR15 picture thread*

    But, here's a few anyway. There's more, but these are all the pics I have uploaded.

    All lights are Surefire and all optics are Aimpoint, Trijicon ACOG and mini RMR, Nightforce and Schmidt & Bender.

    SCAR Heavy, LMT 10.5" upper on Noveske lower and a BCM 14.5" upper on Colt lower

    BCM 14.5" upper on Noveske lower

    Colt SP1 and Colt 6720

    Two Knight's Armament SR15's equipped with KAC Triple Tap breaks along with a limited run KAC URX II Lightweight

    Centurion Arms original Mk12 and KAC SR15 upper on Noveske lower

    LWRC PSD in 6.8


    SCAR Light 16s, Diablo upper (friend's upper) on LMT lower, SCAR Heavy and KAC SR15

    For fun, here's my Barrett m82 and my select fire H&K MP5

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    Les See Dem AR's-ars.jpg

    sorry crumby image

    One is my carbine built from a stripped lower, has compass lake upper and 16.5 Krieger barrel, the other is a .300 blackout with a "well is kinda quiet,
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    Okay you asked for it. Time stamp on pics is off those are recent
    First gun is my Replica Colt Commando Forgery 10.5" /w5.5" permanent flash hider,my HD gun,light fast and has a 3# trigger
    Second is my new build Adam Arms Piston Mid Length upper
    Third is my Wifes RRA Carbine with a Bumpfire Stock
    Fourth is my 20" SS match grade AR with a RRA 2 stage trigger
    Fifth is my Eagle Arms (Armalite) AR10A3 .308 20" barrel with 16x42 Super Sniper optics

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    i hope one day ill have a bunch of cool rifles pistols and shotguns. i have a glock 23 and a rem 870 at the moment but i want rifles.. nice pics guys

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    I rather liked the REPR I handled... whatever time last year it was I handled one. Certainly seemed like a well-made gun; never did get to shoot it though. Same day I got to mess with the nicest Arsenal AK I've ever seen/fondled (I would never have though to describe an AK as "butter smooth" before. Absolutely incredible the difference between a well-made Russian gun and a cheap East Euro copy).

    Which rifle do you find you shoot the most, Jon?
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    You are all going to hell for owning those evil Assault Weapons!

    Now seriously, those are some amazing firearm collections and I just wish I could have just 1 AR-15 in my collection. You see, they are extremely difficult to get a hold of here in Costa Rica due to export restrictions from the US State Department and as such, they are very expensive. A used Bushmaster or S&W AR-15 sells for $5.000!

    Right now there are a handful of carbines available at one of the most popular gun shops and they are selling them for the "low" price of $2.700 a piece. They are made by North Eastern Arms from Ontario, Canada and that is the only reason why that gun shop was able to import them here.

    Buy as many AR-15s as you can guys!!!!
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    Go see dem dar stickies.
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