what round would you use ?

what round would you use ?

This is a discussion on what round would you use ? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; After helping my son this past summer carry his tree stand into the state game lands and put it up i have a question. Here ...

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Thread: what round would you use ?

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    what round would you use ?

    After helping my son this past summer carry his tree stand into the state game lands and put it up i have a question. Here in western Pa. black bears are pretty common. Well after I tell him I,ll help him lug it in, he tells me he,s got a picture of a black bear from his camera that he had on a tree in the area were he was going to put his tree stand for bow-hunting deer.Then he tells me about the guy he meet that has a tree stand about 200 yards away that ran into a bear while putting up his tree stand. Well anyway this guy tells my son that this bear had him trapped up a tree for about an hour and a half before it finally wondered away.The guy said he had his 357mag on him but didnt want to shoot it unless he had too. Well what to know is after I hear this I said I'm goeing in there without a gun so I took my SP-101 357 with the most potent round I had at the time whitch was the federal 125 gr. SJHP that probably not the best but all I had at the time. Since then I picked up some 158gr. JSP in 357mag and rossi M92 in 357 with a 20in. barrel. So my question is which round would better in either gun? Thanks

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    Typically, bears are just as afraid of people as people are afraid of bears. I've actually had them in my stand while hunting, uninvited of course. Most of them bolt at the sign or scent of a human. However, there are those that could care less about people and have no fear. If I was in the woods and concerned about a black bear attacking, I would want a 12 ga. shotgun with slugs or heavy buckshot. Check your game laws as this may not be legal during hunting season. If your not actually bear hunting, making noise while putting up the stand will help but will also alert the deer. Darned if you do, darned if you dont. I have guided bear hunters in northerm MN and Manitoba. We see bears all the time and most of them high tail it if we get busted checking baits. Personally, I wouldnt worry about it. JMHO
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    Confronting a bear I would want a heavy JSP bullet for maximum penetration, in the .357 that would be the 158gr. My personal preference would be a 44Mag loaded with either 240gr JSP or 260gr Keith type semi-wadcutter cast out of linotype.
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    Bear spray. Bears are much more apt to run from bear spray than a bullet. Bullets can actually prolong a bear attack if the bear isn't put down immediately.

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    +1 on the bear spray. And like others noted..black bears are very unlikly to attack a human. I lived with them for years in NH and got to naming the ones that cam on my property. But of course like any wild animal you have to be careful.
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    If I had to shoot with a handgun, I'd opt for a heavy hard-cast lead bullet.
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    158 JSP would be just the ticket. Black bears are not made of iron.
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    Cranberry township! I'm from LA, but grew up in Greensburg PA in Westmoreland County.
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    Here we go once more. Fending off a Scamp Yogi running a muck in the woods with what

    First 99.9999999% of the time the Bruin will not want to deal with you. But then there is that .0199999999% chance it will. It is too long a list as to why it will or will not, to list here and now.

    Black Bears are not as likely to be a bother as Brown Bears will.

    Either way: "Never Ever Never Ever EVER...run-away from a Bear they WILL give chase."

    My Top-Three Choices To Take Along In the Woods Are:

    #3) if the spray don't work then have a firearm for backup, my suggestions in this order are; a 12g shotgun, a handgun in 454casull, toss up between a 44mag or 10mm, & lastly a 357mag with a minimum of a 4" barrel (and only-loaded them with a SOLID Heavy Hard Cast Lead Flat Nose Boo Lit ONLY

    #2) a good fresh can of bear spray (make sure it is made to fend-off bears not people

    and my #1 suggestion is.......

    #1) never go into the woods alone ALWAYS take someone with you (and bring a 22LR pistol to shoot said person with you in the leg so you can run-away faster then them from any charging bears

    Keep in mind too, that if you ever do have to draw-down on a charging Bear you will be lucky to have 4.8-seconds to do so. Because they are very very really-fast runners

    Also; But...if you take away the Bears credit-cards upon first encounter then they can not charge
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    Its a black bear - anything equal to or greater than a 22 wil scare it off.
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    The times when I have encountered black bear at our cabin they tend to run away from us as fast as they can. I would like a 500 S&W to feel safe.

    Probably would be easier just to get the fresh bear spray. If you make the kill outside hunting season you may have to deal with the game warden.
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