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Steel case safe for m1a match barrel?

This is a discussion on Steel case safe for m1a match barrel? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; If you can find the battle packs, usually 145 rounds, made by PMP in South Africa, they are almost as cheap as steel cased stuff, ...

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Thread: Steel case safe for m1a match barrel?

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    If you can find the battle packs, usually 145 rounds, made by PMP in South Africa, they are almost as cheap as steel cased stuff, but are brass cased and regular jacketed lead bullets, and, shoot very good for me in my M1A.
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    The bullets used in most Russian steel cased ammo are called "bi-metal". That's because they are constructed with lead, copper and steel. Here's a cross section of a Wolf .308 bullet I made to show the materials used.

    The copper wash over the steel jacket exists only to prevent oxidation of the steel jacket (aka rust). It is very thin and does not prevent the mild steel jacket from engaging the riflings. This is why many times you will see sparks come from your rifle barrel in lower light and why you will see sparks when you shoot steel targets. It's also why many indoor ranges ban steel ammo, because the sparks from the steel jackets striking the traps can ignite unburned powder residue on the range floor.
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    All I know is I will not be using steel case ammo in my Springfield M1A Match Stainless Steel barreled rifle. Especially after this thread, some of the responses, as well as talking to my good friend teaching me to reload.

    After all you cant possibly get fire-formed brass from a steel case and even if you could, you still could not reload it properly due to the hardness of steel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilitaryArms View Post
    Steel cases will do absolutely no damage to your rifle.

    Steel jackets however are hard on your barrel, especially non-chrome lined barrels. Most, if not all, steel cased .308 also has a steel jacketed bullet. Don't let the copper wash trick you, there's a steel jacket under the thin copper wash that engages your riflings. I wouldn't run that type of ammo through a match barrel... And that's coming from a guy that shoots mostly Wolf steel ammo.
    Excellent points. I was thinking only about the steel case. The luckygunner post you reference in a further post is a great resource, and pretty much anything that comes from that gentleman/vuurwapenblog is great information.
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    My only experience was with Wolf. it was not a happy one. I noticed several backed out primers indicating to me inconstant loads/pressures. I now stick with brass from other manufacturers.
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