Thinking of a lightweight backup BUGOUT rifle.......Rossi 92 carbine 357Mag >>>>

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Thread: Thinking of a lightweight backup BUGOUT rifle.......Rossi 92 carbine 357Mag >>>>

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    Thumbs up Thinking of a lightweight backup BUGOUT rifle.......Rossi 92 carbine 357Mag >>>>

    I am have always liked the Rossi 92 carbine with the 16inch barrel carrying 8+1. I was finally able to see and handle one at a LGS and WOW they are light at approx. 4.5 pounds !!! The LGS had 2 of the stainless models in 44Mag and I was really considering in putting one on layaway, however I thought .357mag would be better especially since ammo would less expensive than 44mag and the recoil would be much more manageable in a 4.5 pound rifle for followup shot. The way I envision is that this would be an excellent spare / backup BUGOUT rifle that I can keep on a scabbard connected to my backpack.

    Now my LGS has a BLUED 20inch model in .357mag which is a little longer than I like. I was thinking of purchasing it and having my local smith cut and crown the barrel and magazine tube to be 16inches. Or should I wait for another stainless 16inch .357mag model ??? What do you all think ??? Thanks for any info. God Bless

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    I'm not familiar with the Rossi 92, but I've always thought a .357 lever-action would make for an excellent utilitarian rifle. I'd hate to see you cut up a new rifle. Patience is a virtue.

    It's next on my 'list'.
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    I have the 16" stainless in .357 and love it. It also helps that I have a matching caliber revolver. Should be a good combo if ever needed.

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    Do a google search for combat lever action. There is a pretty good article by Uli Gebhard on Warrior Talk News about combat lever action rifles with pictures and discussion of platforms, calibers and some pros and cons. I have a Winchester 94ae in .357 that I'm setting up as a bug out gun to be paired with a revolver.
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    A .357 lever in a handy 4.5 lb 16" package is sweet. BTDT. Hard to beat. Particularly if it's a complement to an existing .357 revolver you carry.

    Though, a .44 lever in a ~6 lb 16" package ain't too bad, either. BTDT, as well.

    And, I've had the Rossi '92, though in .44mag. The '92 isn't my cuppa, but otherwise it's a nice package.
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    I'd wait for the Stainless.
    I think Stainless Steel is the best invention since frozen toast for a survival/bug-out type firearm.
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    I picked up a 20" blued .357/38 rossi, and I really enjoy it. Running a lever action is kind of like driving a stick, it's a hassle sometimes, but when you get it just right it's way more satisfying than an automatic.

    I picked the 20" for the increased capacity, nice balance, good swing, but most importantly it just 'looks right.' Having said that, I might go 16" stainless next time around. It would just be such a handy, tough little rifle.

    Mine had a few things I fixed right off the bat, first I refinished the stock (the factory finish was coming off on me with sweat or oil), including reprofiling the forestock to give it a more classic look. Next I rounded the sharp edges on the loading gate (and cold blued to match). Finally the trigger was a bit gritty, but that cleaned up completely after stoning and polishing the trigger spring and the back of the trigger block (where the spring slides).

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    I have the 16" barrel, blue, .357, big loop and will pair it with my Ruget Blackhawk and Ruger GP-100.

    I'd wait for a 16" rather than cut down the rifle barrel.

    I'm planning on taking mine to the range this weekend for the first time. Excited and anxious. My wife has the Ranch Hand and loves it. All these in .357/.38.
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    I have the Blued 16" Rossi 92 saddle ring carbine in 45LC that is paired with a Ruger Blackhawk. Nice little rifle, handles very nicely with one hand when using a single point sling. For a dedicated "bug-out" rifle I would go with the .357/38sp for ammo availability. JMHO
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    I think you are spot on on the .357. I have a Marlin 1894 .44 in stainless, and an 1894 .38/357 in stainless. If I had to choose one, I'd go with the .357. Ammo is cheaper, you can shoot full house .357's all day without getting sore, and .38's are like are pop gun. I'll admit I don't like shooting the .44 in .44 Mag all that much - I am surprised how much a pistol cartridge can kick!

    I'd wait for a stainless. Having a smith cut & crown etc. won't be cheap. And heck, might even ask your LGS if you can get on ordered....

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    I have a Rossi 92 in 20" stainless 357 to go with my Ruger police service six. Its a great gun and I enjoy shooting it more then a lot of guns I have.

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