How do you secure your home defense long gun for quick access? - Page 2

How do you secure your home defense long gun for quick access?

This is a discussion on How do you secure your home defense long gun for quick access? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I dont, however children arent an issue yet. My AR just sits propped up in the closet....

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Thread: How do you secure your home defense long gun for quick access?

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    I dont, however children arent an issue yet.

    My AR just sits propped up in the closet.

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    I keep the 1300 under the bed. I don't have kids but my bedroom door has a deadbolt lock that gets locked when ever kids are over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kairo View Post
    that's beautiful.
    It was actually my wife's idea; both to name it and the name itself.
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    I keep my 18.5" 870 under my bed. When I go out of town I put it in the safe. I don't put it up during the day because I'm in and out every day of the week and I want it to be out when I'm at home.

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    I am in the market for a safe which will remain locked at all times. I figure i will keep the heavy artillary in there and just have my gun vault by the bed. After all, a pistols main use is to fight your way to your rifle(or 870)
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    With any luck, I will be dealing with this "problem" very soon as well.

    Right now my two top picks are the Life Jacket:

    and the V-Line long-gun case:

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    went to Lowe's and purchased 2 storage hooks that have a threaded end to screw into the wall. I screwed these into 2 studs inside my master bedroom closet above the doorway. I turned the hooks so they are horizontal and my Mossy 500 sits on top of them. Its easy for me or the wife to reach up there and slide it off and rack it. Its out of sight unless you look up inside my closet. Cost me about 5 bucks for both of them and the time to drill 2 holes and screw them in.
    Keep in mind, I have a 3 year old right now and if we have other children over, etc I can quickly lock the closet (and my glock or HK is always on my hip when I'm awake)
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    I keep a Mosin M44 in the bedroom- - with the safety on. No one who doesn't know a little bit about guns can figure out how to operate that puppy.

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    Just my wife and I and no kids yet. I keep my 12 gauge in a hardcase under the bed. The case has four clamps (each lockable with a key), but I only close the two nearest to the handle. I keep the case unlocked while home. whenever i leave the home, i lock the two clamps. as soon as i return home, i unlock them (but leave them closed). SG kept with empty chamber, safety off, and loaded mag tube.

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    I've got one of the V-Line long gun case's, and the "top draw" pistol vault. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Set the combination as simple or as complex as you like, no batteries, and they're very quick access. I've got a 3.5 year old boy, and it seems like nothing is beyond his reach.

    I combo'd both of mine the same, so there's only one combination to remember. You can also "feel" the buttons, so there's no light needed. An added benefit is that the gun is completely enclosed, so there's no dust to contend with.

    I have the 12" model for my Benelli, and there's enough extra room for extra ammo or even a handgun.

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    Certain of my guns are unsecure and NOT laying around taking a vacation in the vault. I consider these my working guns and I keep them ready to work.
    a. The pistol I carry on me.
    b. My home defense shotgun, Remington 870, loaded and hanging chest high in the bedroom closet.
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    Here's a multi gun rack that bolts to the wall. I don't know how secure it is.
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    The problem is not securing the weapon, it's giving yourself time to get your act togrther. the answer is --tactical architecture. Think out of the box. for instance, a remotely controled gate separating downstairs-"public" areas from upstairs "private" bedrooms. Most homes are not big enough to give you reaction time to respond to a home invasion, out of a sound sleep, even with an alarm system. An interior barrier can supply that. Jeff Cooper wrote some articles on the subject years ago, they might be worth looking up. if you have more than one floor, it might be "doable", turning stairs into a "choke point" that is easier to defend. Hardening entry ways into the house is important as well. Steel doors, reinforced locks, barred windows, etc. Just my .25$ worth. John
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    No kids. Carry until bed, then house rule is any weapon is Israeli(empty chamber) if off the body but in arms reach. In the safe, or gun lock if traveling but not holstered.

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