Well I have finally started to assemble parts to build my SBR and here is what I have so far.

PSA stripped lower
PSA Lower parts kit w/ Magpul MOE grip
Vltor A5 receiver extension
Magpul ACS-L Stock

BCM Upper Receiver Group comes with 16" barrel attached and BCM BCG
Noveske NSR 9" fore end

Future Plans:
I will be sending the lower off to be engraved with NFA markings once I return from my business trip.
Also plan on ordering an 11.5" Noveske barrel once the stamp comes in to replace the 16" barrel on the BCM.
I have not decided on what flash hider/brake I want, that will be determined by what I choose for a silencer.

I am currently waiting on my backordered Vltor A5H2 and A5H4 buffers.

I bought the complete upper receiver group so that I will be able to shoot my rifle as I wait for my tax stamp. Once parts become more available I will probably also upgrade the LPK to a Daniel Defense or Colt kit.

For optics I haven't decided if I want to just use my Eotech XPS 2-0 that rides on my MP-15 sport or upgrade to an Aimpoint.

I just thought I'd share what my plans are for my SBR at this point, and I welcome any suggestions on things that I have not made up my mind up on yet.