Aimpoint suggestions...

Aimpoint suggestions...

This is a discussion on Aimpoint suggestions... within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Took the plunge today and ordered my Rock River Arms Elite CAR A4.....2-3 weeks. I want to go with an Aimpoint, just don't know which ...

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Thread: Aimpoint suggestions...

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    Aimpoint suggestions...

    Took the plunge today and ordered my Rock River Arms Elite CAR A4.....2-3 weeks. I want to go with an Aimpoint, just don't know which one. Did a lot of research on different AR manufacturers and felt RRA was the way to go. Anybody have any thoughts...suggestions?

    I can't wait.

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    I have the same rifle, it rocks. In my opinion, RRA is making the high quality non custom AR out there.

    As far as electronic sights, I'm partial to the trijicons. I do like the EOtechs that RR is pushing.

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    If you do go the EOtech route, i highly reccomend it.
    I've got a 512 model and love it.

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    To clear things up , RR pushes a non battery dependant sight , eotech seems to be the pick of the litter on sights now ... Take my opinion for what its worth tho , Get a sight you like and if it runs on batterys , get a spare , and a fiew batterys .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
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    I have the AimPoint Comp C3. My application is on a T/C Omega muzzleloader designed for hunting in the thick swamps. The bbl has been chopped to just in front of the lower thimble. LOP shortened to 12.5" also. I over power the load by 50(no kiddin') grains.(3, trip7, 50 gr pellets)This, with a 295gr Powerbelt. CAUTION: I'm stupid. Your not. Don't try this in your ML.

    The AimPoint has stood up to this pounding for lots of shots without a problem. Also rain,continous swamp mist,and salt spray.

    Suggestions :>:>:> Make sure not to get the models that are NV compatable. BIG BUCKS. Also make sure that you get the AimPoint scope covers that are made for the model that you will get. They fit very tight and cover the lens water tight.

    With the newer technology that AimPoint uses,the single battery is good for 50K hrs. But I have an extended battery cover. I can put two batteries in the scope for even greater battery life. I mean to tell ya,you can simply leave the scope on when the weapon is stored. I have forgotten to turn the scope off and remembered a week later........the dot was as bright as ever. That's another thing. The two batteries will make your dot brighter also.

    The scope comes with one 30mm ring. It's about 1.5" wide and very sturdy.(really crank it down) You can mount the scope so that the battery compartment is either on the right or left. I have mine on the left. The owners booklet tells you how to do this and sight it in for being turned either way. Piece of cake.

    Our troops are using this scope more than any other.Even the ACOG's. AimPoint has just got another order for a whole bunch more.

    I would also reccommend the 4MOA dot. It's easy to see, and not too big, unless you will be shooting several hundred yards. -------

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