Been thinning the herd a bit lately wth surprising results

Been thinning the herd a bit lately wth surprising results

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Thread: Been thinning the herd a bit lately wth surprising results

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    Been thinning the herd a bit lately wth surprising results

    Since being home a little longer this time I actually had the time and energy to clean out my gun room and safe and made some decisions.

    I have been fortunate to be able to get whatever I wanted as far as firearms goes over the last few years but now I actually sat down and tried to figure out why I owned what I did.

    My AR's are staying around they work well and can do the majority of the duties needed however I did look hard at my collection of .308 battle rifles that I had acquired over the years.

    My original Australian Defense L1A1 (FAL) with it's original Trilux SUIT optic was a great gun to shoot. It took inch or metric mags unlike the standard FN/FAL's so no problems there but it was long and heavy and other than looking and shooting good it did not serve a specific purpose. Same thing with the G-3. Mags were cheap shot well but big and heavy.

    The problem came when I started looking at my beloved M1A. Purchased years ago with an original TRW marked 1963 barrel shot well and I continued to add to it over the years. Fitted with the best mount available, a Sadlak Titanium, and a fixed 10x mil dot optic it would hold it's own on the range and the field. I had purchased 20 or so mags, I still have 10 new in the wrapper, the beautiful wood stock that it came with was replaced the first week with an original GI fiberglass that I could knock around in. I had bedded the drain hole with a sling swivel stud and added a Harris Bipod and finished it off with a Kirsten Adjustable Cheek Piece to get the right sight picture with the optic. With the addition of some higher end internal parts it was good to go.

    I went to the range the other day and fired it for the first time in over a year. Groups were on par as they were before but good lord it was beating me to death to shoot it. I am not recoil sensitive in anyway it just seemed more than I remembered. Firing rapid fire strings from the prone were not an issue when I was slung up but offhand they opened up a lot due to the recoil.

    I went looking for an alternative and after researching other options which was pretty narrow since I had one of everything I came to the conclusion that the main things I wanted was a 7.62 NATO caliber, lower recoil in a lighter package. When all was said and done there was only one option.

    Enter the SCAR-17 or SCAR Heavy. I never really had gotten into new fangled firearms most of mine were pretty straight forward. While contracting one of the SF teams seemed to have an above average amount of SCAR 16's and 17's but other than firing a few rounds they never really did anything for me I was just as happy to shoot and M-14.

    My local gun shop had one on the rack so I started looking at it and I must say the more I fondled it the better I liked it. I did more research and one video from the Military Arms Channel the statement was made that the SCAR Heavy was the lightest recoiling 7.62 he had ever fired. Today I made the biggest gun trade I have ever done. My M1A and some mags for a SCAR Heavy and half dozen mags.

    As soon as I got home I read the manual and within a minute had the weapon apart to see what was on the inside. The weapon disassembles with the push of one pin and breaks down into the trigger group, buttstock and bolt carrier group. The internals have the same basic parts and names as and M-16/M4 with the bolt, firing pin, firing pin retaining pin and so on. The rifle has a charging handle that can be fitted to either side of the bolt. I ran it on the left side today but have since switched it to the right for a more familiar manual of arms like an AK.
    Since my wife had the truck I loaded what in a needed in a backpack, folded the stock and slipped it in the bag and off to the range I went. The first three rounds with the iron sights were a little low but in a nice 1.5 inch group at 25 yards. The recoil was on the line of a 7.62x39 round, I was amazed. I had brought a 4-16 mil dot optic with me that I use for accuracy testing on other rifles and put it on.

    Using an old cardboard target I grabbed from the trash and shooting plain jane Remington 150 grain ball ammo my first three shots went into a nice tight grouping just over an inch center to center. After deciding I could do better with a proper rest instead of my backpack I opened up the bunker and got out the sandbags. Back at the bench with a proper rest all three rounds went under and inch. Switching to some older match 168 grain that I had grabbed all three rounds went into a neat half inch group.

    Now I know this is not long range nor anywhere near scientific but I was very impressed. I will post a better report and some pics when I go back in the next day or so but I think I have found my new favorite long range gun. I can shoot out to 600 on the range so it will be great to see what it will do.
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    Nice pickup! The SCAR (either a 16 or 17) is at the top of my Wish List right now! Probably won't be able to swing it for awhile but I do want one.
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    The man with everything just made a trade, I am not surprised. Glad you like it bro....
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    Thats one gun Id like to have but outta my reach right now. Congrats on the purchase. Let us know how it does and be sure to post some pics. Love to see it and how it does.

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