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I think I need a rifle.

This is a discussion on I think I need a rifle. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Echo... I would recommend something in the 5.56/.223 round if the SHTF, this ammo is plentiful and cheap. it is what most military uses, which ...

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Thread: I think I need a rifle.

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    I would recommend something in the 5.56/.223 round
    if the SHTF, this ammo is plentiful and cheap. it is what most military uses, which means if BIG SHTF, it will be around.
    how about a ruger mini-14? great rifle. short stature, not too expensive, uses high capacity mags. and a whole lot of fun to shoot.
    just my .02
    good luck finding what you are looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunmetal View Post
    The SKS sounds like a good bet for you, but I'd stay away from the aftermarket detachable mags. For one thing you may run into legal issues, and secondly, they tend to be hit-or-miss for reliability.

    Get a bunch of stripper clips and load them up if you go this route.
    I definitely agree with this. You can pick up an SKS from $175 to $400 depending on the features you want and have a rifle that is extremely reliable, easy to clean, and fires a cheap, modern round.

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    I think that you have your head on straight. I'm not someone that is really qualified to give you advice as to which gun, but I do believe that you have the right mindset. I simply would suggest that you get the best that you can afford, but remember, like children, it will need to be fed. Keep the cost of ammo in mind. You may want like most of us, want to aquire a bit of a stockpile. I'm on about 2000 rounds for my AR, 200 for the shotgun, around 2K 9mm, and a few hundred 45. Actually, I have 1000 rounds of Wolf FMJ that I bought for practice, but won't feed through my XD 45. So, I'm behind in 45 ammo. I'll get more defensive 45 ammo once finances settle down. Then, I have my eye on a Springfield Armory Socom II.........

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    Since you already have a bolt action rifle, I'd pick something for closer work, like a reliable shotgun. Slugs will take the range out to where the rifle would take over, and will ruin a BG's day. Or you can load it with whatever sized shot is appropriate to the situation.

    Its number 2 on my list of guns to get, and I have the disposable income.

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    SKS is good, but why modify it to shoot like an AKM? Just buy a Romanian AKM they are good rifles and looks don't matter for the AK the results matter. But if you want you can go buy yourself a AMD 63 or 65 or a Hungarian AKM. Anyway you slice it I recommend the AKM for its power, ruggad reliability, costs half of that of an AR, is shorter than an SKS, light weight, easy to shoot and it is a carbine.

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