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Thread: Black Rifles

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    Awesome to read.

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    Have owned and enjoyed an AR for several years now. Looking to upgrade to the most recent generation.

    So many to choose from. Any informed suggestions? I want to keep it around $1000.
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    I like Rock River Arms for around $1,000, but there are now many fine rifles being made.

    I ordered an Elite Comp the day Obama got elected. They said it would take six months to get it. It took 12 months to arrive from the factory to the store I ordered if from. They sold the rifle to another customer the day it came in. They never called me, and when I confronted them about it they essentially shrugged their shoulders. I will never give those fools any business again.

    I should have known better than to do business with them. I ordered a scope the previous year, and when it came in I brought the rifle in to make sure I go the correct rings and it was set up properly. There was a Lamborghini in the parking lot. I thought it was a kit car till I walked up to it. It was real. I walked back to the gun counter got the scope, and started talking with the guy about how to mount it (it was a Nikon with a range finder built in). All of a sudden, without a word, the guy fled to the other end of the counter with just about every employee in the store. August Busch IV was down there with a dozen ARs laid out on the table, and they practically dropped down and worshiped him. Fine. If they want him as their only customer, fine. I'll go elsewhere. I was kicking myself when they sold the rifle, because I should have known how unprofessional and ignorant these guys are in the first place.
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    Where was that gun shop? I think that same jerk owns the shop in Belleville that I used to manage when another guy owned it.
    I like all kinds of foreign guns.

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    Hodad i'm in the same boat.I want another one some day.I don't know which one i'm going to buy either.Kinda looking at the M&P15.One thing i will say,it's nice to have choices.

    Hopefully it will stay that way.
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    I wonder when that was written,the writer claimed they even can be modified to fire "CHEAP" 22LR ammo.unless you get lucky I haven't seen any cheap 22 ammo in months,and actually it's been years since I've seen 22lr for .02 or less a round
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