Benelli Nova Tactical - TacStar side saddle PROBLEM

Benelli Nova Tactical - TacStar side saddle PROBLEM

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Thread: Benelli Nova Tactical - TacStar side saddle PROBLEM

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    Benelli Nova Tactical - TacStar side saddle PROBLEM

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the forum and thought I would post something that may be of some help to anyone who wasn't aware of a problem that I ran into with my new Benelli Nova Tactical with the TacStar side saddle installed.
    image (3).jpg

    Immediately after purchasing the gun, I installed a mag tube extension and side saddle. Having shot it very little since purchasing the gun and adding the new bells and whistles I took it to the range this passed week to break it in. I wasn't at the range for 5 minutes before noticing something very wrong with my new HD gun.
    After loading the mag and attempting to rack a round into the chamber I found that the nova would simply spit the first round from the mag onto the ground at my feet, kind of disappointing considering this was supposed to be my HD gun . So, I continued on thinking that maybe I wasn't putting enough arm behind chambering the first round.
    Nope, It never failed.. to fail that is. Regardless of what I did the first round was determined to land at my feet. After a quick look into the action (unloaded) it was obvious that the elevator was not dropping all the way back down as it should to allow the first shell from the mag to be fed into the chamber, resulting in my nova coughing up and puking my 12 gauge 00 buck on the ground.
    I turned to the internet, looking for anyone who was experiencing the same problem and found several posts about novas and supernovas throwing shells on the ground while cycling the action. A few individuals sent them back to benelli and they returned either fixed or not and others were actually modifying the trigger assembly. But I am unsure if these novas had the TacStar side saddle or not.
    Anyway, I called Benelli, told them my problem and got a case number to send my gun in and have it repaired. Before doing so I removed my trigger assembly to have a look myself. Like I expected I found that everything looked to be in place; tight and very clean. But after reassembling I noticed that my problem had worsened and the gun wouldn't fire at all or cycle a round. Thinking I had done something to the trigger assembly during the installation I began removing the assembly again. Now keep in mind I have the TacStar 4 shell side saddle installed, which attaches to the receiver by replacing the two trigger assembly pins with provided Tacstar pins that are threaded, allowing you to screw them into the side saddle which holds it in place. These pins were never over tightened or installed by Chuck Norris, only snug. So after removing these pins, I decided to replace them with the original Benelli pins before removing the assembly to see what happened, and then suddenly my Benelli functioned exactly as it was suppose to. It fed the first round from the mag every time and the elevator had zero issues functioning as it should. Re installation of the side saddle only caused the problem again, and worsened depending on how tight you got the pins. The only way the gun would function properly and consistently with the saddle installed was to only start about 2 threads of the pins into the saddle and not tightening it any further, which with little recoil would result in the pins working their way out and the saddle falling off.
    I am very disappointed, because it looked great and it allowed me to carry more shells. I could locktite the threads, but I would rather not worry about it either falling off or rendering the gun useless. So I am going with my factory pins and a stock sock shell holder. I hope this helps anyone with the same problem or if your considering the TacStar side saddle for the Benelli Nova, I highly recommend going in a different direction. I have owned 3 Benelli novas and never had the first problem with any of them until this.
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