12g Rem Choke

12g Rem Choke

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Thread: 12g Rem Choke

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    12g Rem Choke

    OK I know this has been discussed before but since some of us are getting ready for hunting season let us reflect & review this subject.

    What Rem choke would you suggest using for shooting 12g lead-slugs? And 00buck?

    A) modified

    B) improved cylinder

    C) light modified

    D) improved modified

    E) skeet

    F) other > please clarify

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    I would pattern your gun with modified and Improved cylinder with different ammo,whichever patterns the best gets the nod
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    The traditional choke for police/riot guns has been 'cylinder'bore, which is essentially no choke at all. It's hard to find guns that are sold that way these days, so of the choices listed, skeet is the most open choke.

    The standard rifled slug can safely be fired through even a full choke without damaging the gun (although I wouldn't make a practice of it). The 'rifling' on the slug exists primarily to allow enough deformation on the OD of the slug to pass safely through any choke. Whether it mparts any actual spin to the slug is questionable, but in any case not enough to actually stabilize it in flight.

    Sabot slugs are likewise OK to shoot through any choke, but realistically you're throwing money away by shooting them through a smoothbore. They are designed to be shot through a fully rifled barrel.

    For buckshot, you have to experiment with the different chokes to see what kind of pattern you get. The brand-specific shot cup and the presence or absence of buffering media can have an even larger effect on the spread of the shot than the choke you use. If pressed to offer guidance, I'd say start with skeet or improved cylinder, see what you get, and then see what the tighter chokes will do for you. You may find that a full choke or even an improved modified may cause the patterns to open up like IC - but you really have to test your ammo in your gun to know for sure.
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    I would suggest a "Cylinder bore" choke. Cylinder bore chokes have "no restriction" or choke. They are the same diameter as your barrel bore. I don't know if Remington makes a cylinder bore choke. But aftermarket chokes are available. Briley make excellent chokes and probably has one in stock for your particular bore diameter. You just need to measure your bore size and go from there.

    Another suggestion would be to purchase a "Skeet" choke. The constriction on these range from .003 to .005. Skeet chokes are also great for quail and close in dove shooting.
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    I would try enough slugs to see what works best in your gun. In my gun IC worked so much better there was no comparison. With both 00 and #4 buck a mod choke worked best. But nothing will be better than trying them in your gun. DR

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