red dot and scope together on AR?

red dot and scope together on AR?

This is a discussion on red dot and scope together on AR? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I did a search but couldn't find this, but think this has to be have been covered before. If so, pls redirect me. Anyway, title ...

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Thread: red dot and scope together on AR?

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    red dot and scope together on AR?

    I did a search but couldn't find this, but think this has to be have been covered before. If so, pls redirect me.

    Anyway, title says it all. I would like to have both a scope and red dot on rail(s) at the same time. Is this possible/practical?

    When shooting 100yds, I really can't see with red dot, and would like to use the scope. At 50, red dot is fine.

    If this is practical, any pics would help as well. I do know that mounting one on a quick release is an option, but was hoping to find a way around that. thanks for any advice.

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    I would not put them in line. Generally, there's two options. First is to put both in QD mounts like LaRue or ADM. The second option is to offset your red dot. This works best with an Aimpoint T1 or H1, or a Trijicon mini RMR. The T1 would be my choice. You can do this with irons as well.

    The other option is a true 1-4 or 1-6 carnivals optic like those offered by Leupold, S&B, USO, Trijicon now and a number of others. These can get pricey.

    Still, I wouldn't put them in line and I really don't see how that could do you any good unless you remove the scope.

    I used to run an Aimpoint with a 3x magnifier behind it but have moved away from that option.
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    Leupold Mark 4 HAMR 4x24mm Fixed Power Riflescope FREE S&H 111412, 110995, 114488. Leupold Mark 4 Rifle Scopes, Leupold Red Dot Sights.

    Leupole Mark 4 HAMR is what you want, it's spendy, but the red dot is "motion on", so if it's leaning against a wall for 15 minutes, the red dot turns off, once you pick it up, it turns on. It's optimized for .223 as well. It's a red-dot sitting on top of a scope.

    But it's spendy.

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    Nice but, doggone pricy little bugger.
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    If you're trying to build one rifle that "does everything" it doesn't exist. If you want a red dot for CQB on a carbine and want some magnification, you can get a 3X magnifier that flips out of the way for a red dot.
    If you want a long range precision rifle, go with a good scope.
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    I have a SightMark Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex Sight with Quick-Detach Mount : Cabela's mounted on top of a Nikon P-223 Nikon P-223 Riflescope : Cabela's

    It works but I wouldn't call the setup ideal.

    That Leupole Mark 4 HAMR posted up above is nice but ouch on that price tag.
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    Check out Burris skulltaq it is a scope with a red dot mounted on top and it only runs about 600.00. I don't have it yet but have been looking at it hard.
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    I think this was something covered on (Student of the gun), You can google the site and they have an archive, section I have been thinking about doing this also
    Midway sells a 45 degree offset for the top rail, for just this reason.

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    I used to use a flip-to-side magnifier that worked really well. It's there when you want it, or flip it off to the side when you don't. I eventually took it off altogether because it made the rifle heavy and bulky. Otherwise, I think it's a great option.

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    I have run this set up before and it works pretty well. You get a good cheek weld for the scope and if you need to do some up close work you just roll the gun a little and the red dot is right there. It's fast and it looks clean too.

    red dot and scope together on AR?-ar4.jpg

    red dot and scope together on AR?-ar-2.jpg

    red dot and scope together on AR?-ar-3.jpg

    ETA: I'm a lefty. That's why it's on the left side.
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