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Non-lethal loads for home defense 12 gauge

This is a discussion on Non-lethal loads for home defense 12 gauge within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Everyone has to decide what's best for them.That said,the absolute last thing i'm worried about is CYA.I have no use for anything non lethal. It's ...

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Thread: Non-lethal loads for home defense 12 gauge

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    Everyone has to decide what's best for them.That said,the absolute last thing i'm worried about is CYA.I have no use for anything non lethal.

    It's hypothetical of course,but if they broke in and i saw a firearm,i'm going to try and send them to the dirt hotel.If it's not a firearm,they can run,get to the floor,or the dirt hotel.I don't care about them but i love me.I'm no judge,or lawyer but if they broke in my house i'm not concerned about a lawsuit,not in my state anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linny View Post
    True, it almost seems like in this day and age now that the person on who shoots an attacker/intruder gets more grief than that actual criminal. Seems very backwards to me.
    Linny I understand where you are coming from. That home invader in the middle of the night may turn out to be "Just a boy", 14 years of age, and then Jesse, Al and Nancy Grace are on your ass for the next two years.

    But please keep in mind that the Law considers the discharge of a firearm to be the use of deadly force no matter what comes out of the muzzle (lead, beanbag, rubber or a blank), which is why we don't get/give warning shots. If you want an escalation of force, I suggest keeping a large canister of pepper spray as your non-lethal option.
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    Unless S.C. ever changes the Castle Doctrine law,i could careless about using anything non lethal.I know for a fact i could care even less about any politicians or anyone else.

    If they broke in,and hadn't hurt anyone and say i caught them but they were running to the door,i just don't think i could shoot them in the back.

    I've always looked at it this way,they don't bother me i won't bother them. The BG didn't break in to do a welfare ck,or ask for directions,or maybe to use the bathroom i'm pretty sure..With all of that being said,if i had to shoot it's not to just wound them

    I couldn't image living anywhere,and having to worry about what firearm or ammo i use to defend my home.

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    There are really only 2 rational options, Steel shot or Lead shot. Problem with steel is that it keeps on going..
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    If you want less than lethal, don't pull out your shotgun. Save the shotgun for when you feel your life is threatened.
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    True Sir very True
    Quote Originally Posted by knight65 View Post
    Forget the shotgun, just keep a whistle around your neck. In the event of a home invasion, simply blast the whistle and firmly (but politely) inform the intruder that he is breaking the law and that if he does not leave immediately, you will be forced to contact the authorities! And now that we understand how unrealistic it is to use non-lethal force in a SD situation, lets talk about reality and effectively STOPPING THE THREAT...
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    If the situation calls for a gun, use the gun as intended. Trying to skirt around the issue of deadly force is not a good idea from a defensive point of view. If you are using your shotgun as your primary home defense gun, I suggest that you load it full of buck shot and call it a day....
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    So, Mr. Linny, you attempted to use, as you say, non-lethal force - so you didn't really think your or your family's lives were being threatened at the time you shot Mr. Trying-to-turn-life-around with a 12 ga shotgun?
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    Only use rock salt if you are shooting a Margarita. :) I never saw the point in buying a shotgun, one of the best lethal weapons, and then want to use non lethal ammo. When I hear non lethal, I immediately wonder if the person will have what it takes to shoot and possibly kill someone in self defense. In self defense, the proper mindset is very important because things happen very suddenly and any hesitation can result in a bad ending.
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    If someone is breaking into my home Im not throwing
    toys at em
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    non lethal is as useful as teats on a bulkl... Rule no 1 is always match the threat of violence with an equal amount of violence, preferably greater than. A bean bag is not a bullet. Load up the shotgun with some 00 buck, lock and load and call it a day. What happens if you you have 3 bean bags loaded and you need buckshot RIGHT NOW!!!! Can you shuck out three shells before the BG shoots at you? How would you decide between lethal or non lethal in the heat of the moment? Assume all threat is lethal threat and you cut your problems in half.
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    what's the purpose of the gun that you have???

    Its to defend your life

    question when should it be used??

    answer when your life is in danger

    what happens to all the people the pull out a gun and shoot warning shots???
    here's a hint the end up in jail....
    why, because they were using a gun and apparently they didn't believe her life was in danger same goes for using non lethal

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    why would blow whistle and give away my postion. only thing i plan on blowing is the fool invading my home away. non ltehal loads are out of questions, only going to make boy madder. lethal loads are going to be given to the invader,there is no middle ground for any invaders to my house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linny View Post
    Hey again,
    just had a question in regards to CYA loads with home defense shotgun. If the undesired need be arises, I was considering in an 8 shot 20.5" 12 gauge to have the first 3 shells, as something non-lethal. I was watching a ballistics test of rock salt, and it was bunked as a poor non lethal choice, and actually it seemed bean bags loads would be the best, so here's what I was thinking.
    3-Trap load
    4-6-Buck shot
    Would that be a good CYA set up say in court if the prosecutor tried to get me saying I was pre-meditated? I know even for LEO's it's a bunch of red tape to kill someone nowadays. I know an ex-cop who shot a drunk/drugged up man who tried to yank his pistol out of the officer's holster, and even then they tried to charge him with manslaughter. Anyways, thanks for taking a look.
    I wouldn't be concern about the welfare of a home invader in my house. The welfare of my love ones and my self comes first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    I would load the first two rounds with 00 buck or #4 buck and then the next 6 with the same.

    If someone breaks into your house while you are there, you shouldn't be concerned with playing nice or what the Cops might think. You should only be thinking about the fastest and most effective way to stop the person(s) from harming your family.
    If someone breaks into your house, go after them loaded for bear and do what ever it takes to take them out period.

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