Mossberg Maverick 88 :/

Mossberg Maverick 88 :/

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Thread: Mossberg Maverick 88 :/

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    Mossberg Maverick 88 :/

    So Yea,
    Wanted to get a tactical pump, and wife bought me a Maverick. I am a Remington man originally, and I have two friends who dog on my Remington constantly, so I thought I'd give Mossberg a try. Well.........
    First time shooting had 3 Jams and 1 FTE which had to involve me taking the barrel off to get the shell out. To its credit after about 50 shells it started functioning normally. It's going to be a home defense shotgun so it's not going to see a lot of use, but I was entertaining the idea of getting the 500, 590, and 930, but now I'm having second thoughts. My Mossberg friend claims it's only because I got the Maverick, But I'm not sure. Any shotgun gurus out there that can weigh in on this?
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    I'm not a guru at all, but I believe that writing off a Mossberg 500 because you had a bad experience with a Maverick is like writing off a Lexus because your Toyota had issues.
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    You get what you pay for. You got the Mossberg 500 econo-knockoff. Supposedly the only difference is that parts are sourced outside the US, but I have to wonder if the vastly lower price also includes indifferent assembly and attention to detail.

    I'd run another 100 shells through it (which would equate to a good afternoon of dove shooting) and see how it fares. With luck, it'll just get slicker with more use.
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    I love my 88. No problems whatsoever with about 70 rds shot through. Most of those shooting clay. Sounds like you got a lemon.

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    I've always heard the mav has been the best value SG you can get and 500's obviously are fantastic guns. i wouldn't write off a 500/590 because maybe you just got a lemon. I have a Mossberg but i'm mainly a Remington guy and i stick with my 870 tactical no matter what.
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    Got myself a maverick 88 couple of years ago on sale at Academy for $160. One of my better scores, its been a great shotgun for me and now serves as my HD shotgun. Put probably 200-250 rounds through it without a single issue. I did clean off the factory gunk before I took it out the first time, it came pretty greasy. Did you clean yours?
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    i also have the maverick 88. picked it up back quite a few years ago. and it works great for me.
    never had any issues at all. great shotgun IMO.
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    I purchased two Maverick 88 shottys for about $150 a piece a few years back. They have been nothing but great guns. One is my woods gun that rides shotgun in the truck and the other is a HD gun. Both have never given me a problem.

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    I've been shooting Mossberg 500/590's for years and have never had any issues with them.
    4-5 years ago, I picked up a 20g Maverick 88 for $120, while I didn't have any issues with function, I was disappointed with the fit/finish and stiff action. You really do get what you pay for.
    As a budget priced shotgun, the Maverick does what it is intended to do. If you are looking for something to stake your life on? Spend a few more $ and get a better shotgun.
    Just my 2-bits-worth.
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    I bought an 88 last year for home defense. I didn't want to spend a ton on a gun that would not see much use, but I still wanted something reliable. The 88 has fit the bill nicely. I have put probably 150 rds through it without issue. I did clean and oil it first, as I do with all guns I purchase. If you continue to have problems, call Mossberg. I wouldn't give up on the gun yet.

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    I started shooting Skeet with mine about two months ago. Putting 200-300 rounds per weekend through it. Haven't had any problems. I run a Bore Snake through it afterward, squirt some Remoil in the action, and wipe down the outside with Remoil.

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    Mossberg 500s are .mil approved and mine has been running like a champ ever since I got it home 5 years ago.

    Don't write them off just yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledge View Post
    I love my 88. No problems whatsoever with about 70 rds shot through. Most of those shooting clay. Sounds like you got a lemon.

    AMEN to that. I have 2 and both are flawless.

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    My Mossberg 500A has never given me a hiccup. I can't speak for the Mavericks though, I've never used one before. I will say that it seems unhappy owners are pretty rare, hopefully you can get your problems sorted out soon.

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    My sons mavrick, had ejection problems at first too. I found that the sprayed on finish had some over spray in the chamber. I wraped some bronze wool around a cleaning brush, chucked it up in a drill, Oiled it well, and polished the chamber area. We have not had a problem since. One differance between the Mossberg and the Mavrick is the safety is located in the same place as a Remington. Our son now has a long hunting barrel, a 20" rifled slug barrel, and a short HD barrel. Two of the three had to be cleaned/polished that way. Im looking at buying two more for his brothers. DR

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