Today is 10/22

Today is 10/22

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Thread: Today is 10/22

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    Today is 10/22

    Today is 10/22. In honor of that...I ask these questions (answer one or all if you'd like):

    1. What is your your first memory of shooting a 10/22?

    2. What is your best memory with a 10/22?

    3. Why do you love the 10/22 so much?

    For first memory of shooting a 10/22 was a year ago (I'm 41 yrs old) when my family met up in Missouri for my dad's 80th birthday celebration on the Lake of the Ozarks. We all brought our guns...went shooting at an outdoor range. My brother brought his. Good times...I was hooked.

    My best memory with a 10/22 was the day I my first one for my son and I...the Takedown model. And to go along with that was the first day we had it at the range. My son is 9 and we talk about this day for a long time...went through the 4 safety rules of handling a firearm until he knew them by heart. What a blast that day was. The other trips to the range have been fun, but nothing quite like that maiden voyage.

    What about you?

    Happy 10/22 Day!
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    I love me some 10/22's.

    First memory was shooting a friends back in 85' or 86' which was in a Choate folding stock. I bought my first one in 2010, and have developed the full blown infection since then.

    My favorite memory was the first time I shot a ten shot group smaller than a half inch overall with my all Kidd rifle I built (assembled) in my kitchen. I giggled like a little kid all the way home from the range.

    I love the 10/22 so much because I can build up a gun to fit my need, and there isn't another one like it, and I know it will shoot amazing.

    Pics or it didn't happen:

    My ultra light
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    My first was a liberty model bought in 1976.

    My favorite was a sport model with its walnut sporter stock. It was pretty to look at and had the same look as my full sized guns. Not a boys rifle, but a mans gun. I bought that one in the early 80s. DR
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    I love my 10/22 and wouldn't mind having a few more. My first memory is shooting it on Christmas with about a foot of snow on the ground. Today it serves as my rabbit and squirrel gun. you just cant beat a 10/22 they are reliable, incredibly accurate, and cheap (used to be) to shoot. Today is 10/22-080.jpg
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    Got my first one for my tenth birthday. My father took me out on the plains to familiarize me with it. From then on, it was my nearly-constant companion growing up in Wyoming. The 10/22 is an indispensable weapon to this day.

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    I guess this 10/22 post was yesterday and I missed out.
    I'm a big 10/22 fan. Been building my own for years...ever since I got into silhouette matches.
    1. What is your your first memory of shooting a 10/22? How smooth

    2. What is your best memory with a 10/22? Ending up in a shoot off for first place in a silhouette match for highest score on the low end. LOL!

    3. Why do you love the 10/22 so much? Difficult to put into words, but as to the question......I've been shooting 10/22s going on twenty years. I'm guessing you'd have to know the quality of 10/22s back in the day.

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    1. What is your your first memory of shooting a 10/22? > Going out into the woods with my Dad & brother to sight in my 9th Birthday Birthday Gift

    2. What is your best memory with a 10/22? > My Dad & Mom handing me that oblong box on my 9th Birthday & then ..... watching my Brother's facial expression

    3. Why do you love the 10/22 so much? > see #1 & #2
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    Well, it struck me last night as I was shooting a Tac 22 match at my club, that I was shooting a 10/22... how fitting!

    I got into the 10/22 late, so my "first memory" of my own 10/22 was the first one I bought about 9 years ago. But as a gun-savvy kid, when the 10/22 made its debut, I was acutely aware that Ruger priced it at $54.50, almost exactly one half the price of the .44 carbine which sold for $108 at the time!

    Perhaps my 'best' memory with a 10/22 was making Rifleman (and high score for the weekend) at an Appleseed event a couple of years ago using that first 10/22 with some light mods.

    I 'love' the 10/22 because it is easily customized and adapted to many different roles. I now own five of 'em; one (the first) for target shooting; one is nicely customized for field work; one is my 'steel' gun for the Tac 22 matches; one is set up as a "Liberty Training Rifle" for Appleseed matches and fun; and the last is a first-year-of-production gun that I tripped over and I'm just keeping as-is.
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    I can't say exactly when I got my first 10-22 but near as I can remember it was around 1985-1986. Can't say what month. I very succinctly remember the 2nd 10-22 I bought. It cost me twenty bucks. The stock was really beat up so I put it in a folding stock right off. I took it to the gravel pit often. Back then 100R of CCI went for $2.75-$3.00 a box. I was using the Ram-Line 25R mags back then. I was 33-34 back then.

    Probably my best memory shooting my 10-22 I was out at my favorite gravel pit. I was probably still using the Ram-Line mags back then. Possibly the Butler Creek mags. I had at least 10 25 rounders. I spent a good half an hour loading all ten mags. Spent another 10 minutes setting up all my targets at different distances. I always preferred shooting water filled containers. I got this crazy idea to see how fast I could shoot out 10 loaded mags. I laid out my watch. Lined up all the mags and went hog wild. Firing as fast as I could pull the trigger changing mags quick as I could didn't take long. Boy howdy the barrel got too hot to hang onto it. Packed up my guns and stuff and went home.

    A couple days later I was picking up some Bingham steel 30R mags I'd ordered thru a guy that had an FFL. We were just shooting the breeze when I related my shootem up as fast as I can 250R day at the pit out on Bubba Creek Road when his eyes got kinda wide. He then told me a story.

    Seems some character (me tho I didn't know it was me at the time) was shooting at a pit and his high volume of fire scared some scaredy cat that lived nearby. Poor lil Mr NambyPamby called 911 to report someone shooting a machinegun. The Sheriff's office sent a deputy out. Before the deputy got to where I was he got a higher priority call so off he went. Unfortunately Mr NambyPamby had given a description of my vehicle and the plate number and the friend with the FFL had heard all of this on his scanner. Then he proceeded to tell me the story. I was speechless after hearing this. Due to this story from Mr FFL I changed some of my shooting habits and found new areas to shoot with fewer people per square mile.

    I love my 10-22s mainly cuz even brand spankin' new they are relatively inexpensive. I've NEVER had a 10-22 breakdown on me.
    They are super dooper fun to shoot. They hold their resale value well. But maybe probably the best reason to buy 1 or 50 is all the Aftermarket doodads one can get for them the last 28 years or so. Lord Knows I've sunk a pretty penny into aftermarket stocks and 25R mags. Not to mention the thousands of rounds of 22 ammo I've bought the last 38 years.

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