What sling for an AR?

What sling for an AR?

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Thread: What sling for an AR?

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    What sling for an AR?

    I need a sling for my new AR 10. I see 3 point slings, 2 point slings and 1 point slings. This one looks good for a 1 point sling : Amazon.com: Bungee Sling - Tactical One Point Sling - Is the Best Single Holder for Your Rifle - AK 47 - AR 15 - Shotgun or Other Military & Hunting Firearms with Swing Swivel or Hook: Sports & Outdoors

    However I don't know the quality or even if a 1 point sling is a good idea. I will be using the gun as a fun gun and maybe some hunting next fall.

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    I don't care for one point slings personally; I think they make switching from strong hand side to weak hand side too difficult. I usually just go with a standard two point sling and call it good. I've never found that basic setup lacking in such a way that I wished for something else.

    Just my $0.02 on that topic.
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    I think a 1-point sling makes a lot of sense if you are getting in and out of vehicles a lot. I'm fond of the VTAC 2-point sling; it adjusts instantly to accommodate different needs. If you transition to your sidearm, your carbine remains handy with the muzzle in a safe direction.
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    i like the one point MS3 from magpul.

    they also make a convertible one/two point http://store.magpul.com/product/MAG509/51
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    I think a 1-point sling makes a lot of sense if you are getting in and out of vehicles a lot. I'm fond of the VTAC 2-point sling; it adjusts instantly to accommodate different needs. If you transition to your sidearm, your carbine remains handy with the muzzle in a safe direction.
    That's the one I have. I just modified it to include a detachable cuff sling section for more stable seated and prone position shooting and so I could use it for Appleseed Shoots. I haven't perfected it yet but I think it is starting to take shape into an even more versatile sling than it already was.

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    SOE brand. I have a couple of their convertible slings. You can convert them from two point to single point attachment. Honestly, had I to do it over again, I probably would just have gotten single point attachment slings from them.

    Top notch quality.

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    I work in and around vehicles or inside structures the majority of the time, so that's how my primary rifle is set up. About 2 or 3 years ago, I moved away from single point slings and went back to adjustable two point slings like the VCAS. The VTAC is just as good and Jason Falla has one comin soon too.

    Setting up a general purpose rifle, connect the front of the sling near the barrel nut and the rear on the opposite side of the stock (left front, right rear).

    Setting up a rifle for use in vehicles or structures, connect the rear to the end plate instead. Allows easy maneuvering, high ready, high port, compressed reloads and malfunction clearing..... But can also feel just as secure when slung as the other set up, just turn the gun port side out or set the stock under the sling (easy to do but hard to explain right now). This has most of the utility as a single point.

    Another option is end of the rail at the front and stock at the rear. Kyle Lamb runs his like this and it's very secure. I tried it for a while and it's just not for me.
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    +1 For Magpul MS3 multi mission sling, goes from single point to 2 point very easily. I have one on both a AK in FDE and one on an AR in black. I did a good bit of research prior to deciding on them.
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    I've got a single-point and a conventional two point that was Uncle Sam issue. I have found that I actually prefer the old GI sling! Sometimes old school works pretty well!
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    I think that an adjustable two point, like the Vicker's designs, are the most versatile. Keeps the rifle where you want it, doesn't bash the muzzle into your knee if you try to run, adds stability to shooting positions. I have found 3-points to be too cumbersome, and 1 points to not add enough stability to aid in accuracy.
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    Vtac 2 point

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    I use the ms3 in the two point configuration almost always. I like having options . Mine is connected at the end plate and on the side between the front sight and the receiver .
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    Vickers VCAS, with pivot swivels and a triglide. The triglide allows easily changing between two and one point.
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    I bought a Mamba for 2 reasons:

    It has a stretch feature which allows you to hit the enemy with your weapon if need be - and it's completely silent (no metal clips or noise-making hardware)

    T.H.E. MAMBA Weapon Sling | Rifle, Gun & Tactical Slings

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