When I saw that Nikon has introduced a 300 Blackout scope, i was excited. Here's precisely what I expected from a load specific scope - the BDC circles/lines to line up with one specific load in even multiples of 50/100 yards.

If the scope reticle was designed for say a Remington 110 gr 300 Blackout at a velocity of 2400 fps, and I zero the scope at the manufacturer's specified range, I would expect the center of the circles to be multiples of 100 yard increments and the lines to be 50 yard increments.

So I get on SpotOn to see what load/zero lines up with the BDC indicators - none of them do - not at any zero, not for any load. Some are close, but certainly not as I would expect it to be. So, I call Nikon.

I am told that it is not a 300 Blackout specific reticle, but one of their standard reticles that's close. So what exactly makes this a 300 Blackout scope? Nothing! It's just a scope with odd BDC marks that require SpotOn and a dope card to use.

So if you think the scope would be a match for your 300 BO AR, it won't be. Great scope BTW, price is right, optics are clear and sharp, but it's really just another scope with weird BDC.