What would you do?

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Thread: What would you do?

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    What would you do?

    I have cabelas and gander mountain in my backyard. Which AR15 would you buy from one of them.

    Budget = 1200

    Looking for best for my money. I could just buy cheapest and get good optic and lots of ammo. But not sure if that's a good plan.

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    $1200 is a fine budget for an AR purchase. I'd purchase a mid-grade M4-style carbine. Rather than try to "package" optics, accessories & ammo into the equation, I prefer to go slower. Careful deliberation, one piece at a time, has always ended-up providing me a more satisfactory result.
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    Some folks are probably going to ask what your intended purpose for it is. SHTF? Range toy? Hunting?
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    Sticking with Cabelas or Gander Mtn might limit your options. Lots of good choices in that range. BCM MID16 Mod 0 comes to mind. Let us know what you end up with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    Walmart will likely have the best price compared to Gander and Cabela's on a 6920.

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    Ruger has a piston driven AR for around that price. You might want to look at that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sammage View Post
    Walmart will likely have the best price compared to Gander and Cabela's on a 6920.

    LE6920 w/Magpul for something like $1167. No brainer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodad View Post
    Ruger has a piston driven AR for around that price. You might want to look at that.
    After owning a Ruger SR556, I would recommend sticking with a good quality DI rifle. Parts commonality and significantly lighter weight trump the perceived reliability. I say perceived because I have not had a single malfunction with a quality DI AR-15 with MANY rounds fired. I don't see the benefit if one is judicious with post shooting maintenance.
    Colt, BCM or Daniel Defense would be my recommendation and Colt will probably have the most amiable price tag.
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    walmart locally has 4 different models of colt AR 15 in stock. For 1,200 you can get a nice one, with magpul furniture.

    Id forget the idea of optics considering your budget. Get one with iron sights, but the option to mount optics later.

    Lets try it another way? Why in the world would you want the bottom of the barrel rifle, and put $400 + optics on it? If your gun doesnt run well, you wont need optics anyway.

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    I'd go with a Colt. In fact, I bought one last year on "Black Saturday" from the local Gander Mountain.
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    Gander is usually a ripoff and sells bubba garbage. Cabelas is only a bit better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Docster1516 View Post
    I have cabelas and gander mountain in my backyard.
    You have a BIG backyard!
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    Colt 6920. Colt is the gold standard and the 6920 is as close as you can get to an actual M4 without paying for the tax stamp. Just to be clear, Colt builds the guns for our military and the 6920 is exactly the same except it has a 16 inch barrel and no 3 round burst.
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    If you want an utility (which you do) gun, follow the Colt advice.

    Colt USED to build the guns for our military and they are a proven, cut no corners, maker when it comes to the 6920.


    Spend the couple of bucks extra and get the Colt.
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