Shotgun sights for hacked down ribbed barrel?

Shotgun sights for hacked down ribbed barrel?

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Thread: Shotgun sights for hacked down ribbed barrel?

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    Shotgun sights for hacked down ribbed barrel?

    I had a Maverick 88 with a 28" vent ribbed barrel. I did the research on how to measure the barrel length properly, and cut it down to 18.5". I also cut the vent rib back a bit.

    Now I only have the one rear sight (it had a white bead as a front sight and a tiny little post as a rear sight), and I'm looking at options to give myself a real bead or even something better.

    I'd like something like an XS Big Dot, or some sort of night sight front bead. Just not really sure what sort of sight system works on a cut off vent ribbed shotgun. I'll post a picture of the front of the gun when I finally get home.

    It's just every sight or dot system I see is for a smooth top barrel shotgun, and not finding much that will work on a cut down vent ribbed barrel. Ideas?

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    You will have to drill and tap the rib for a new bead sight. There are various thread pitches and shaft diameters Mossberg/Maverick use 5-40. Is this what your looking for? Meprolight Tru-Dot Shotgun Front Bead Sight 5-40 Thread Steel Matte

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    Put a front sight bead on it (tapped and screwed in...simple to do) then get the epoxy glue-on XS front sight if that is what you want. I have done it myself with two shotguns with plain barrels.

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    Take a look at the Brownell's offerings - here's one to start: SHOTGUN BIG DOT TRITIUM FRONT SIGHT | Brownells
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    Its actually easier to put sights on a rib. Id just move the old one to its new location. there are a few different ways to attach them. You can drill and tap , Or drill a hole that the threads will just fit into and epoxy it in. Old shotguns used a tapered hole and a matching tapered pin. They just used friction to stay in place. If you are looking to put rifle type sights on you are going to have to drill and tap. The size and weight of them will have them loose in no time. Good luck DR

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    I put an XS Big Dot on a vent rib 870 I cut down. A nice sighting system.

    It's not terribly difficult if you can use basic tools.

    Drill and tap the rib. I used a 6-48 tap.
    Install a bead into the hole.
    Coat the bead with JB Weld.
    Push the XS onto the bead until it bottoms out on the rib.
    Wipe off the excess JB Weld.
    Let it set up.

    I shot many rounds through mine and it never came loose.

    You can get the drill bit, tap, and bead from Brownells all in a kit. Not expensive. SHOTGUN SIGHT CONVENIENCE KITS | Brownells

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    At 18.5" what would you use a sight for? Is this gonna be a hunting gun or was it modified for HD? Even shooting birds/skeet/clays, I don't remember actually seeing the front sight, more just a point/lead and shoot. I've used sights with my slug barrel but wouldn't be shooting slugs in a HD sit.

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    Carlson's has drill bits and taps and jigs so you get them straight, good company
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    I got a Maverick 88 I cut down too. I stopped at 20 inches do to the rib location. I went to Walmart and got a snap on fiber optic sight for now.

    Its about 2 inches long and came in 4 pack so I got some for other guns.

    Also the rear sight you have is called a mid bead, it just unscrews like the front bead and you can actually place the front bead directly in its place. I did that until I got the fiber optic sight.

    Looking forward to seeing how you cut yours back.

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