Baikal Coach Butt Cuff and Other Upgrades

Baikal Coach Butt Cuff and Other Upgrades

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Thread: Baikal Coach Butt Cuff and Other Upgrades

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    Baikal Coach Butt Cuff and Other Upgrades

    Hey Guys-

    I recently purchased a Baikal Coach Gun in 12 gauge. It is the exposed hammer model. I plan to use it for home defense. First, I'd like to say, a rundown of several reason led me to choose the coach for home defense and I don't want to start a huge debate about that here, so please, keep that out of the thread.

    Now, while I really appreciate most of what the coach gun is and isn't, I see no reason I couldn't make slight improvements along the way. Namely I'd like to get a butt cuff to hold additional shells. Has anyone had good luck with the neoprene models? I'd like leather but love the price of neoprene.

    Second, sight improvement. I'm a gun fan of K.I.S.S. and in keeping with that have been considering an XS big dot shotgun bead. Anyone used one and have advice? Any other sight options you might recommend? I'm not sure if the bead is threaded in or soldered in on my gun, anyone know?

    Third, even though it seems like blasphemy to do so, I've been considering a sling. It's hard to imagine any firearm that might take on fighting duty without one. Does anyone have a fairly easy way to do this? I'm not convinced putting a stud on the removable forearm is a great idea. maybe a single swivel in the butt and a single point sling? Other options of opinions?

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Uncle Mike's butt cuffs work fine in my experience.

    You definately need to aim a shotgun, but I'm not convinced you need anything more than a bead to do so. Especially if you can illuminate your target.
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    That's what I use in Cowboy Action competition.
    When cocking the right hand hammer, under match pressure and at match speed, I bent the "hammer" inward such that it dragged against the stock and increased the necessary effort to bring it to full stand. (It's actually a cocking lever that only incidentally looks like a hammer.)
    My own fault. Just draw it straight back and it'll do fine.
    The Baikal action is built like a tank; mine was choked with dried something that may have been a Cosmolene like grease of some kind ... it dried up and the net effect was like a few chunks of gravel in the action. Disassembly, cleaning and lubrication solved the problem.
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    You've made a good choice!
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    I bought the cheap Chinese double coach gun imported by Century Arms. It has the rabbit ear hammers (actually functional) and sling swivels. I absolutely love it.

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    You can say "Butt Cuff" without being banned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RKflorida View Post
    You can say "Butt Cuff" without being banned?
    There is a solution but we are not Jedi... not yet.
    We have deep thinkers and stinkers in this group that could come up with a solution...
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