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Ben: Is the spring/bolt dust cover three rail scope system stable, and does it retain zero for your optics?[/QUOTE

The three rail system I bought had two stablizing screws at the rear of the cover. Tighten them just till they touch metal and the give them a half turn. Tighten them too tight and your dust cover pops off while shooting. I also had to do this. While shooting these two screw would back off and the leave my Red Dot not sighted in. So I went to Home Depot and bought two nuts for the screws. Take the two scews out, run the screws through the nuts, reinstall the screws and lower the nut to the metal and tighten. This will keep the screws from backing out. I also did this, since most screws and nuts at the hardware store are silver in color and these screws are black, I bought brass nuts to give the rifle some contrast.