15 round shotgun,,,, Kel tec keeps improvising, KSG 15

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Thread: 15 round shotgun,,,, Kel tec keeps improvising, KSG 15

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    15 round shotgun,,,, Kel tec keeps improvising, KSG 15

    How about Kel tec,,,, you have got to give these guys
    credit for creative ideas,,,,

    A 15 round shotgun would be awesome when loaded with
    nbr 3 buck shot. They are suppose to be coming out in
    a few months,,,, but who knows the real shipping date.
    Actual dated 2012 but not really,,,, much production.

    Kel tec KSG 15.png

    Kel tec KSG flyer.jpg

    You can watch the video about half way down the page at:
    Firearms, Gun Parts & Gun Accessories | Kel-Tec

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    This has been out for some time, they're just mad hard to find unless you're willing to overpay.
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    I think it's kind of a novelty, but then again I don't have any experience with one.

    If I needed a high cap shotgun I'd go with a slicked up AK variant that was magazine fed. Maybe if I had some trigger time on it I'd change my tune.
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    The news isn't the 15-shot (18" barrel) KSG, but the introduction of the 16" and 13.7" KSG's available to qualifying agencies.

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    Well let's just get it out now what EVERY person who buys one will say: "Sure my Kel Tec jams BUT the factory people are real nice and they keep fixing it again, again, again, and again for free." Since I, unlike most Kel Tec owners, can't predict when it will malfunction I will buy something that WORKS out of the box.

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    Oh look more vaporware from Keltec.

    They need to stop showing off crap till they can actual make it .. This is a running joke with them..

    Just saying I like to own a ksg or a RFB or a pmr30 but I am paying some massive mark up for a plastic gun that is only that much due to how far are made ..
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    Oh look...a leprechaun! Or maybe it was a unicorn? Nessie? Maybe Bigfoot...?
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    I will stick with my Rem 870 pumps till the keltecs are as reliable. Honestly, Id like to have something like that, IF IT WORKED, and would last.

    learning how to reload a pump shotgun, on the fly, is a really good thing to learn. You never run the gun empty, that way.
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    Interesting the last 2 local shows that I went to there were at least 3 dealers each time that had the regular KSG in stock. 2 were gouging at $1500, the 3rd always sold his @ $975. His sold quickly. God Bless


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