I know this isn't really a DC topic but I just wanted to give a shout out to Bushmaster. I BM AR15 and messed up the rail on my upper. It was 100% my fault, I had a stripped screw on some optics and I had to do some grinding after a broken drill bit got in my way. This upper rail was thin and nothing universal I could just pick up online so I called BM and they were quick to send out a replacement at no cost. Free shipping, friendly conversation over the phone, tracking emailed to me within a few minutes.

On a side note I love the rifle and it has plenty of rounds down range without a hiccup of any kind but this is really just to address great customer service, not chat about the rifle or AR platform. I work in the service industry and it's rare to come across companies that do it right. This is just a quick note to address a great experience. Thought I would share with my DC people. Thanks