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Input please....Under $500 rifle choices

This is a discussion on Input please....Under $500 rifle choices within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by XD in SC Now that I have some responses , that I expected(as it ashould be) would be nothing definitive, how about ...

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Thread: Input please....Under $500 rifle choices

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD in SC View Post
    Now that I have some responses , that I expected(as it ashould be) would be nothing definitive, how about this twist???

    I have no range to shoot anything larger than a .22.
    Wait and get the AR15........then get the 22LR conversion kit made by Ceiner... more bang for the buck
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    10/22 is one of the funnest guns ever made. Get a banana clip and go to town. They can be found cheap and the ammo is not expensive.

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    I know the 10/22 camp is well represented but forget not either when thinking .22lr ... the Marlin 60.

    Still not gonna be too much over $100 and 15 round tube mag - lot of plinking fun!!

    Chris - P95
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    Yea... common XD... you know we need a bigger budget!!!!!

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    Really inexpensive... Scoped Romanian M1969 .22lr trainer. It is a bolt action 5 round magazine fed iron (flip up 25/50/100 m) sighted plinker . It is accurate as can be and incredibly inexpexpensive... I paid $63 and a local shop sells them for $99- $109. You can then purchase the $20 bolt on rings and an inexpensive/rugged scope and then have a really inexpensive plinking machine that costs much less than a new Ruger 10/22 and IS also fun to shoot. They are pretty easy to find at guns shows and the online gun auctions.

    Do a little reading... good things are said about them.
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    Within your price constraints, if you operate carefully, you might just be able to get two:

    1) Ruger 10/22. Lots of fun. Cheap. Lots of customizing options.

    and one of these two others:

    A) SKS

    B) Savage 110 in .30-06.

    All the fun in rifles you'll ever need. Buy'em used, & shoot the snot out of'em.
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

    Gary D. Mitchell, A Sniper's Journey: The Truth About the Man and the Rifle, P. 103, NAL Caliber books, 2006, 1st Ed.

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    Alternate possibility.....

    I am not much of an AR guy.......but, with a lower one can buy uppers in different calibers and configuations.
    Normally I'd say 'get the 10/22'.
    But......maybe....get a complete AR lower receiver...that's the FFL required rifle part. Then start shopping. You can find old AR15 upper's pretty cheap(upper and lower in the ball park of 500 dollars as long as you are not getting a state of the art upper)....get a .22 conversion unit when you can(about 125 bucks for the Ciener, last I saw). Later when more money flows into(and out of) your life.......get the uppers that interest you.
    With this get an inexpensive 5.56 that shoots .22 pretty quickly. Then have the option of turning it into a M-4 for CQB, a match grade 5.56, uppers in 6.8, 9m/m, 40, .45, the new .45 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, and quite a few others....including a seperate upper for .22 LR that is very accurate.
    Kind of a builder upper that meets alot of needs..from CQB, match/varmit/sniper, medium game(6.8) and big nasty stuff(.458 Socom).
    The lower receiver is probably my next project, but I am hesitant to start cuz it will eat up my gun money for a decade or so.
    A possibility to ponder.

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    If you are considering bolt-actions...

    I have found the rifles currently produced by CZ and Savage to be outstanding. A friend has the CZ in is extremely accurate. He also has a .17HMR and .22-250 by Savage with the Accu-Trigger... WOW! I love that trigger...and accurate shooters, too!

    OTOH, I have a Stevens in .243WIN. It's made by Savage and is the Savage 10/110 series rifle w/o the Accu-Trigger and in a gray molded stock that is pillar bedded. My best group is 3/4" at 100 yds. My average is less than 1" with Federal hunting ammo. Mine was $200 lightly used. They sell new where I am for $260. Yup...$260...and they come in a range of calibers. The store here sells a bunch of them. When I went in and reported the results of my range trip no one was surprised. One of the regular "heat loads" at the shop said his Stevens in .308Win performed just as well. Obviously, I recommend the new Stevens rifles as a "best buy."

    Yes, I want an AK and an AR, too, since they are for, well, different purposes.

    XD9 Service, CZ-75B, Glock 21, Kel-Tec P3AT
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    hey gang, I haven't been on for a bit........ thanks for the responses....just an update

    I found a like new 10/22 from a guy locally w/ Butler Creek heavy barrel and syn stock and simmons scope for $200.00

    I have taken it out and sighted it for about 35 yards. Tried like heck to shoot up a 550 round box o' 22, but just couldn't do it. I am not one to waste ammo, so each shot had to hit what I was aiming at ..... i had so much fun!!!

    as a side note, I may not be on much for a while longer as I have a divorce to be ready for...... no, none of the guns will be leaving my care. I'll be back to forum surfing after a while...... tough to do on my laptop. BUt once things get settled down......and AR will be built
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    first rifle

    i'm with you, Bones. except mine is a mini-30. ss, 3x9 40 mm scope, 450.00 barely shot. it is suprisingly accurate with the right ammo.

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    In response to those who have suggested a Ruger 10/22, I bought a 10/22 in hopes of making it a real tackdriver. I purchased a Hogue overmolded rubber stock, a Butler Creek bull barrel, a target hammer/sear upgrade package and a 3x9 scope. After countless hundreds of rounds downrange of varing brands ammo, I think I've gotten close to what this rifle is capable of. Average groups @ 50yds come in at 1 1/2"-2" on a good day. Not too bad. But, consider this;

    The day after my eighteenth b-day, (1979), I went to the local department store and bought my first .22 rifle. A $78 Marlin model 60. To this day it shoots as good as when it was new and better than that Ruger I've invested over $350 in. On average, the Marlin will produce 1" groups @ 50yds with CCI Stingers all day long.

    Guess which one I take out more often?

    I own three Marlin rifles, the model 60, a model 25MN bolt action in .22 WMR, and a Camp Carbine in .45ACP. They all are excellent firearms.

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    where in SC are you?

    there are public rifle ranges, check the national forestry service, or drop me a message with what part of the state you're in...

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