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HD Rifle

This is a discussion on HD Rifle within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Have been considering whether or not a HD Rifle is in order...I have a 870 Police Magnum and a few handguns for HD. I also ...

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Thread: HD Rifle

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    HD Rifle

    Have been considering whether or not a HD Rifle is in order...I have a 870 Police Magnum and a few handguns for HD. I also own a Inland 30 Carbine...I have always felt pretty well prepared. Most of y'all seem to rely on an AR, AK (style) or M1A as their HD Rifle...I never really gave a thought about using a rifle for HD until I got "educated" on the various forums. What influenced your decision to utilize a rifle and what was your choice ? Also, where do you keep it ?

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    I would say you are pretty well set.

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    30 Carbine would make for a good house gun. You're doing fine with what you have.
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    The 30 carbine is a perfect hd rifle. I personally would use my 30/30 without any hesitation.
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    Between the .30 and 870, there's not much to be desired. You can pick up the AR if you have $$ lying around that needs a new hobby. Get the AK if you are tired of all that gun maintenance.

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    Really unless you living on a ranch or a lot of land a 30 carbin or shotgun will serve you just fine ... Esp when you cosnider the pentration of most full house rounds ...

    A 30 carbine would do fine I think..

    That all said I would still own a AK or AR .. Esp for futurn investmen SHTF...

    I like the 5.45 rounds the vmag polymor tips are very nasty as is the orginal round ( the so called posioned bullet ) .... But if I am indores and have to go for a rifle I am getting some form of a 9mm or other pistol caliber carbine ... A 30cal mi a 9mm or 45 UZI ( I like that idea quite a fearsome gun indores plus a great club ...) or a 9mm AR or 45 AR .. Heck even a hi point rifle ...

    So yeah unless your on the mexicain border or on a lot of land with a long police response time then I think what you have is just fine .. But if you have the cash now is the time to buy a AR or AK or some form of a clone there in ...
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    The 30 Carbine is about the perfect HD rifle! I use a rifle for HD because my front drive is 100 yards long. It would be hard to hit a threat at that distance with a pistol or shotgun! But an easy shot with a rifle! DR

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    You have pretty much everything covered with what you have now, unless you want something that reaches out a bit farther.

    I live on 200 acres of mostly open farm land with close trees around the building site.
    My Wife's "house gun" is a Ruger PC9 9mm carbine. We are more apt to have 4 legged "varmints" than BG's in our area, but I feel adequately prepared for either one. It compliments the P89 in the safe next to the bed. We have shotguns and rifles available, but the Ruger is the first long-gun to hand.

    I know for a fact that 147grn Ranger T's do wonders for coyotes! :~}
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    A .30 M1 Carbine is at one end of the house and a .351 Winchesters Model 1907 is at the other.

    These two are preferred over the AR 15 or the shorty 12 gauge.
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    I dunno....I feel pretty good about having the trusty ol' 12 gauge readily available.
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    Sounds like you are ready for most threats.....Along the lines of your .30 carbine, Ruger made a couple of real nice carbines that are now discontinued....One in 9mm and the other in 40 S&W....I own the 40 and it is a easy and fun rifle to shoot....Like I said your .30 is A-OK.....and with the 870 your even better...

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