This is why peep sites on a rifle are good for people with poor eye sight.

This is why peep sites on a rifle are good for people with poor eye sight.

This is a discussion on This is why peep sites on a rifle are good for people with poor eye sight. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; However not the best for low light conditions....

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Thread: This is why peep sites on a rifle are good for people with poor eye sight.

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    This is why peep sites on a rifle are good for people with poor eye sight.

    However not the best for low light conditions.
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    My old Win 72 .22 came with peep sights. That's what I learned to shoot with. Still like them today.
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    Interesting video! Thanks for posting.
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    Cool, thanks for posting
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    It's how I learned I needed glasses...

    peeping through my fingers to see the blackboard in school...

    when I got glasses, I was amazed to see leaves on trees... instead of how i colored them. You know, the green lollipop on a sick that we all drew as kids.
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    Love peep sights. They simply work.
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    Neat video, thanks for sharing.

    All my 10/22's have peep sights (Tech-Sights).

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    If I can't see clearly thru the sight how is that a help?
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    Makes sense.
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    Yup. I've "peeped" many of my 22 Rifles and both my 1894's. Love peep sights.
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    Another advantage is your eye and brain automatically center the front sight in the rear peep.
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    I have been near sighted since i was little and I have used the technique illustrated in the video numerous times over the years.
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    A large GR sight works pretty well in low light too.
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    Another peep sight lover here. Amazingly good sighting equipment they are.
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    The other day I was perusing another forum and the question of long range shooting came up... Evidently this fellow thought 500 yards was a bit much for his .30-06 with a 4x scope... I was literally dumbfounded. I just don't get it. Give me an M-16, some NATO ball ammo, and set me up on the 500... It's child's play to hit a man sized target from there. Why? Because PEEP SIGHTS, that's why!

    Besides, 500 is really more medium range...
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