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DO You Get What You Pay For With The AK-47?

This is a discussion on DO You Get What You Pay For With The AK-47? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Doc Holliday One word:NORINCO The Chinese make great AK's. Yes, I know the thumbhole stock is ugly (can be replaced) but the ...

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Thread: DO You Get What You Pay For With The AK-47?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    One word:NORINCO

    The Chinese make great AK's. Yes, I know the thumbhole stock is ugly (can be replaced) but the receiver is thicker and better quality.
    Doc's right. Norinco guns are really good........Polytec guns are very good also. Either one will cost you a bit, but heck, it's only money LOl...........think long run down the road..
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    I'd say go for the Saiga in 7.62x39. I've recently acquired one. There are a few things you have to do to get it to take normal AK mags and make it 922R compliant (silly ATF), but even after all of that you're still floating around cheap AK prices.

    Mine shoots ~3" MOA at 100 yards which I find completely acceptable for a SHTF rifle. It goes bang everytime, even if there's 6 grains of sand on the bolt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JT View Post
    This is also up to debate. I have heard that it wasn’t that the Bulgarians “refused to compromise”, but that they did not have the money to upgrade production processes to make the improved stamped receiver at the time (they now make both). Also, although it cost less to make the stamped, it was not seem as a “cheaper design”. When Alex Robinson of Robinson Arms (former importer of the VEPR) asked the Russians if they would make a milled version he was told that the stamped were superior and they considered milled receivers to be outdated technology.

    To clarify, I like milled receivers, I just don’t have a problem with stamped. I use to think that I would only own a milled receiver. Until I got a VEPR. It does have a thicker receiver (1.5mm vs. 1mm) than a standard stamped receiver, and while I prefer milled or a thicker stamped like a VEPR, I have learned over time that there is nothing wrong with a standard stamped. There are millions of AKs around the world that have had an incredible durability with 1mm stamped receives.

    Some of the cheaper versions (like the WASR) have had problems, but I have never heard of any attributed to the receiver. Most of the problems I am aware of have had to do with the people doing the conversion to make them high capacity. Primary back to the time when Century used “a bunch of monkeys with hammers” to do their conversions. I understand that they have gotten a lot better and have corrected the problems, but that use to be the standard assessment of their conversion process.

    LOL... Ain't it funny how those stories get told each way? One will never know I guess. Did they do it because they had too or wanted to? Who knows in the end. I hear it the other way. And even now they seem to tend to go milled when they "can". But right now they cannot. So they sort of impy they are better. But I have to admit there ain't nothing wrong with a well made stamped either. A thick one. As far as I know the Russians and Chinese always used thick 1.6mm stuff when they had to. Or wanted too. And yea... there are 1mm ones that have held up. Although I betcha Kalishikov would probably frown on. Yes. Norinco is well known to make some great ones. The true Russians as well. Oh you do hear of elongated wallered out holes on some of the thinner ones. Not the way most of these guys are going to use them probably.

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