HK 91 retractable stock - bad move?

HK 91 retractable stock - bad move?

This is a discussion on HK 91 retractable stock - bad move? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I own a PTR-91 which is an American made clone of the HK/91/G3. I've been sort of frozen for a while in terms of modifying ...

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Thread: HK 91 retractable stock - bad move?

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    HK 91 retractable stock - bad move?

    I own a PTR-91 which is an American made clone of the HK/91/G3.

    I've been sort of frozen for a while in terms of modifying the rifle, but I'm finally starting to settle in on the upgrades I want.

    Once thing that caught my eye was a retractable stock. They certainly look cool, but I heard they are very, very uncomfortable to shoot with. Anyone own one? Hate it, loveit? Does having the retractable stock offer a serious tactical advantage, essentially turning it into a close-quaters weapon? Or is it a tactically, useless option?


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    My experiance with the telescoping stocks on the g3/91s are they are among the best as far as rigidity goes , but due to the ergonomics and thier shape they will " slap you in the face " a bit . for me it's managable but by the same token something to know . I would say if storage / easy portability and management ( such as in a vehicle ) is imporntant to you then do it , but if you want the best in accuracy you can give with the rifle then dont . my opinion ymmv lol .
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    I have one on my H&K 51A3 and it hurts like heck when I touch off a 3 shot burst so it might get uncomfy with semi auto as well, as I had a HK91A2 Collapasable stock also
    I think you might want to re-think the idea of a collapsable stock on your new rifle. I currently work a large Gunshop (in maine) yet I'm a NH resident. I think <and I'm pretty sure about this as I lived in Ma at one time> that you'll probably be in violation of your State laws in regards to your current AWB restrictions.. I do know that you may have TWO of the 5 items but not more than the TWO items on your AR/HK/AK/ type rifle.
    Flash hider, pistol grip, collapasble stock, bayonet lug, and Hi Cap mag. You may only have TWO of the items (as I currently read the Ma Laws, but NOT more than any TWO.........I'd check it out before you make a large purchase <as those Collapasble stocks are somewhat expensive>
    Just trying to help out and NOT trying to dictate what you purchase>
    Personally, I'd rather see you people have everything you want, and see those "hacks" as some put it, out on their butts.. but then again, it's best to move to NH, where it's still good
    Either way, good luck and I hope all works out in your favor!
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    Assuming you are legal doing it: unfortunately, "it depends". I had a 91 with the factory collapsing stock, made no difference at all to me. Bear in mind, the G3 (at least to me) feels different, as it does not use a gas bleed system, that may or may not make a difference to different shooters. I really appreciated the dimensional savings, to and from the range. I think size and build have more than a bit to do with it- if you aren't "middle", you won't find it comfortable. FWIW, I'm 5'10" and 180#.....

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    I have the PTR 91 with the collaspable stock from the factory. The AR style one. If this is the stock you are talking about, I find it comfortable to shoot with. I like the middle setting. If I extend it all the way out the length of pull is way too long. I'm not really sure if it offers any tactical advantage besides allowing the rifle to fit into a smaller case.

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    I have both a 51 with a collapsible and one with a standard stock.

    I can shoot either all day. I'll just be happier if I used the one with the standard stock.

    It's not the design or rigidity or additional recoil but rather the damn garlic masher recoil pad that HK thought was a good idea somehow.
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