To be chrome-lined or not

To be chrome-lined or not

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Thread: To be chrome-lined or not

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    To be chrome-lined or not

    I just got my first AK and it's a Yugo. I'm really excited to shoot it, but haven't had the chance yet. I've been searching and searching to find out if it REALLY matters whether the barrel is chrome-lined or not.

    Chrome-lined supposedly increases barrel life and helps prevent corrosion and rust. Non-chromed, however, is more accurate.

    I know that Yugo's are NOT chrome-lined, but does anyone think that it really makes a difference, and if Yugo's REALLY have problems with rusting and worn out barrels?

    I plan on cleaning it throroughly, but I've also read that over cleaning can ruin the barrel just as easily as shooting corrosive ammo. So, it's kind of a complex situation. ANd how much is too much to do such a thing? I want to keep it clean but don't want to ruin it either.

    Thanks to all!
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    If you shoot questionable surplus ammo, or known corrosive stuff, it will be the difference between having rifling and a smoothbore. Wolf and Silver Bear should be fine, but I wouldn't get any Indian/Paki, etc., surplus- unless you plan on getting "old-school".

    Bottom line: whatever you shoot, clean after each session. Non-chlorinated/non-acetone based solvents are best. Clean-till-white (patch), and follow-up again in the next day or two. That is getting a bit overly religious, but if you want to keep it nice, for "down the road"..... Use a decent cleaning rod (carbon fiber is best-only Tipton offers this right now AFIK, but Otis and Dewey both offer excellent products as well).
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    To be honest, I think you are overthinking things just a bit.

    First, about cleaning. I wouldn't be worried about damaging your rifle by cleaning it, as long as you are careful and follow the standard common sense rules (don't reverse brush directions or scrub the inside of the barrell, etc). Don't be afraid to clean your gun. The solvents used will do far less damage than caked on powder residue.

    The chrome-lined barrel debate will likely go on as long as there are firearms. But, what it boils down to for most people is personal preference. I suppose with match-grade ammo and the steadiest hands in the world, a softer non-chromed barrell would be able to rifle the bullet just a hair better, but for unless you plan to shoot long-distance competition with your rifle, you won't notice a difference. My AR has a chromed barrell and it's more accurate than I am, by quite a bit.

    A similar argument can be made against chrome-lining. As I understand it, the primary purpose of chroming a barrell is to make it more rugged under wide temperature and humidity ranges, and under extended periods of full-auto fire or poor maintenance. This doesn't mean that if you have a chromed barrell, you don't have to clean it. It will benefit from the same care that a non-chromed barrell will, and unless your rifle will be used in the conditions above, you probably won't notice a difference between the two.

    So, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about it. Keep your gun clean and oiled (but not over-oiled), and it will serve you well. It's as simple as that.

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    I have both a Yugo AK and SKS. Both non chromed. I do only use non corrosive ammo. As far as bore care I clean them the same way I clean any other rifle I own. I have a Russian Saiga rifle that is chrome lined and feel it and my Yugo AK are about as accurate. I also have a russian SKS and my yugo sks is more accurate. In fact it's more accurate than all 4 of my com-bloc rifles. Take reasonable care of it like you would any other gun you own and you should have no problems.
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