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Thread: Check out this goober!!

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    That was not a very smart thing to do. It did demonstrate why the AK is rated as the #1 combat rifle though.
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    I rather liked it thanks for posting. Having been asked many times about " can you melt a barrel ?" Ive seen a ruptured barrel on a belt fed 60. Never thought about how to get a lot of ammo out the barrel in a magazine fed weapon. Ive never owned or had access to high capacity mags before. Still dont plan on trying this but now Ive seen over 400 rounds in under 2 minutes and it still functioned. Ill save this to show others and it didnt cost me ammo , barrel, fingers or eye injury. NEAT.
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    This guy must have money to burn. I don't think I woulddo that to any gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by critterhog View Post
    At least they shoukd have brought hotdogs or something. So that AK could at least have a last meal.

    Well yeah but then that idiot would try to grill the hot dogs on the barrel assembly...

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    My thinking was geared not only to abuse of a firearm even if an AK but - yeah, the money to burn aspect!!

    The way 7.62x39 has gone in recent times re price and availability ... my spare 2k will not get burned so as to fry eggs
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    As per another forum: apparently he's a ClassII SOT, showing off the durability of his builds. Not my choice, but if you can build one for $70, and want to prove apoint........

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    Not the smartest of blokes.
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    Waste of an AK and 7.62x39. Makes me ashamed to call myself a redneck ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mech1369dlw View Post
    This is what Darwin winners do in their free time.

    Hrm...darwin winners don't have free time...they're usually 6' under.

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    I just don't know what to say about that!!
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    Darn idiot he is!! What a waste of a good AK.. The most I've ever done, is the 75rnd drum thing, and I ran it on about a 10-15 rnd burst on Rock-N-Roll mode.. I did it on one of my M16s with a 75 rnd drum FA and the barrel was smokin hot..and that was just to see if the drum would work..
    LOL.........I meant to add, that I didn't attempt to ruun anything thru the gun (the M16) for a LONG while after I ran that 75 Rnd drum. 10-15 rnd bursts is enuf to get things cookin..
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    Stupid is, as stupid does...

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    He didn't stop!?!? On fire and he... didn't... stop..?
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    Quote Originally Posted by homersimpson View Post
    He didn't stop!?!? On fire and he... didn't... stop..?

    my thoughts exactly, rofl....

    he was fumbling with those drums, and i was screaming, ***, CANT YOU SEE THE FLAMES?!?

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