I am not much of an expert on them. I do know that some are better than others. But in that deal you sort of get a hodgepodge of what they send you. But most are reporting getting at least 10 decent working mags or more out of a dozen. They range from Chinese to Yugo to Chek to Russian to Bosnian etc... They all seem to need cleaning and looking through. But your bound to end up with more than you need from what I am hearing. I got a dozen on the way should be here first of the week. So I am just going by what most are telling me. People collect these things in thier various configurations. Not me but I won't throw out a rare one if I get one! I have just four mags right now. And still trying to figure out exactly what I have. I have one 10 round, one 20 round, one 30 round and one Bulgarian Waffle 40 round. Plus a Chinese 75 round drum. So I can use more 30's which is my favorite size. But you kinda need one small rounder for bench shooting work. So the 10 (and perhaps a 20 even) is sort of one you want to get if you don't have one. Just for that purpose. But they all sort of crudely made compaired to many other Gun mags from what I see. But they all seem to work.

I don't really know the current price of new ones. I do know its gone up. And I do know its over 6-7 bucks! I paid $30 for my 40 round waffle.