hard drive vs rifle

hard drive vs rifle

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Thread: hard drive vs rifle

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    hard drive vs rifle

    Guess who won...

    It's the only way to really securely delete your data.
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    I think that'll do the trick LOL!!!!

    A budy and I ''did ther bizz'' on a Western Digital a while ago. 100 yds, poor light and .. 5 shots each with .223 barrels on our T/C's. His an Encore, mine a Contender


    Oh and - same day - a Seagate just hated the touch of .454

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    Windows does make you want to do things like that, doesn't it?

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    I wonder if I can get that method listed goverment approved. It would make wiping hard drives much more fun.
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    You guys should try using a Mac...they don't tend to frustrate so much!!! lol
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    PC's will do that to ya!! Steve48

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    LOL not doing as much as you thing for any " data delition " fun to do but forensicly much is still revoverable after that .
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    MS Windwoes has that effect on folks, and HD's too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs View Post
    LOL not doing as much as you thing for any " data delition " fun to do but forensicly much is still revoverable after that .
    But not by any common criminal with available software. It would take the NSA to get data off of one of those things after they have been wiped with the "high speed lead" method.
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    New Mac v. Vista Ad:

    Someone is shooting at us. Cancel or Allow?
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    Hey guys,

    If you haven't removed the magnets from HDD's before... they make kick ass refrigerator magnets.
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