quick question for ar15

quick question for ar15

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Thread: quick question for ar15

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    quick question for ar15

    I am now to a Bushmaster AR15. i am having trougle hitting targets at about 200 yards. Im not really sure on the proper way to line up the sights after being told two differtent ways. I have been told that i have to line up the bottom of the circle on the bottom on the rear sight apature with the bottom of the front post, switching apatures at 200 yards. I have also been told to line up the top of the rear apature with the top of the "V" at the front sight. and then switch apatures at 200.

    Needless to say, i am off of the paper.

    What do i need to do? thanks

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    The way i do it is center the post in the Aperture about half way between top and bottom or as close as i can and go from there

    How are you at 100 yards hi or low on the paper?

    The lining up the post to the bottom of the app is the bullseye way of shooting i dont like to do that with a hand gun nor a rifle

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    Here is an example of what the sight picture should look like:


    Here is a walkthrough of the proper Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction for the AR series:
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    I just added a red dot for quick sight picture. Steve48

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    The top of the front sight post should be centered in the rear aperture. Use the small aperture by default; the large one should be used when visibility is limited beyond 200 meters and faster acquisition is is needed, or when the sight picture is effected by a gas mask. For zero and practice purposes, stick the the unmarked aperture.

    When I shoot qualification, targets pop up at 50-300 meters. I aim at the target base up to 150 meters and center mass for the 200.
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    You don't look AT the rear aperture or Line It Up at all.

    You look THROUGH IT.

    U.S. Army Field Manual

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    As has been stated, proper sight alignment and sight picture will put your clear and in focus front sight post in the DIRECT CENTER of the blurry rear sight aperture, lined up directly in the center of your target (which should also be blurry).

    For target acquisition, I make sure of my target and focus on it, then once I make the decision to fire, I focus on the front sight post (being fully centered top/bottom and left/right) while flicking the safety selector switch to "FIRE."

    It sounds as if someone told you to treat a rifle aperture sight much like a pistol sight (aligning things up). It is similar, but ends up being very different in execution.

    Hope this helps!

    For further reading, here is an article discussing the merits of the current course of fire (as well as basic marksmanship principles) of the USMC Marksmanship Qualification course: http://www.usmcweapons.com/articles/...l/m16Qual.html

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