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Cheap .308 setup = Saiga .308 6x42 POSP?

This is a discussion on Cheap .308 setup = Saiga .308 6x42 POSP? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I just remembered that they made good night and thermal vision. So why would their other optics lag....? Unless the Comunist factory worker had to ...

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Thread: Cheap .308 setup = Saiga .308 6x42 POSP?

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    I just remembered that they made good night and thermal vision. So why would their other optics lag....?

    Unless the Comunist factory worker had to make quota!!

    Seriously, Im considering geting a Saiga or VEPR, with the POSP and soviet red dot. In the town Im moving to, everyone has a AK or SKS.

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    Here's what Kalinka Optics has to say about Russian quality...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalinka
    Kalinka Optics Warehouse® specializes in Soviet, Russian and East European military optics. All the optics we carry are of impeccable quality while selling at a serious discount to comparable Western-produced models. Throughout its existence, the USSR was a leader in military optics. After the Soviet Army entered Germany in WWII, they made a concerted effort to occupy as many industrial factories as possible. They occupied the majority of the German optical plants, including the famous Carl Zeiss-Jena factory. They then took the technology and tooling back to Russia, added their own refinements and began to build similar but even more advanced optics. For many years these optics, particularly night vision devices were strictly for military issue. They provide amazing quality at a fraction of the cost.

    Of course some of this could be labeled as simply advertising spin, but there is no question that the Germans had great optics and that the Soviets hauled away much of the German manufacturing technology and machinery.
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    My main hobby is amateur astronomy, and I have had opportunity to compare many Russian-made binoculars and telescopes. While the highest quality optics in the world are German, Japanese or USA made the Russian optics industry has improved a LOT in the past 5-6 years or so and the general quality is now almost even with USA quality. Their prices are indeed better. Interestingly, most of the problems I have seen are mechanical rather than optical (focus knob sticks or such). The great majority of the glass I have looked through is good quality and worth the money.
    Chinese optics are improving rapidly. The Chinese problem is more of quality control. One set of binoculars is a real bargain for the money but the next pair are only good for peperweights.
    I am making a guess that the same skills and quality control for making good binoculars and telescopes applies to rifle scopes.
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    Whatever you spend on a .308, you can count on spending more on ammo!

    I picked up a PTR91 a few weeks ago, let me tell you... feeding this thing is going to be a real problem :)
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    My Saiga is in 7.62 x 39, but it shoots rather well. Better than a lot of AK's I've fired. The trigger is kinda long and strange, but it can be replaced.

    I'd like to get one in .308 at some point, but not very high on my list.

    Great rifle for the money though, I'd buy another.
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